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Egyptian Golden Potato Soup - The Nosher
1/2 recipe w/1# potatoes, 1 t sumac. x lemon, 1/4 t pepper, 1 t 'adobo' salt, 1 T Bryanna 'chick' powder -- mashed when ready, roughly
10/2018 ++
soup  potatoes  MiddleEast 
12 weeks ago by susing
Turkish Ezogelin Soup
picked up spices from Eastern Mediterranean
barley for rice + Bulgar -- cooked ~ 1 hour
red.lentils  soup  MiddleEast 
october 2018 by susing
Big Pot of Black Beans |
chili, soup, burger, salad, quesadillas, tacos --- links
black.beans  soup  Mexican  burger 
june 2018 by susing
Immune-Building Herbal Tonic Soup
X astragalus, dried shitakes in broth, 2X rice, 1/2 hour max;
other veg: carrots, green peppers;
X corn; when veg are cooked, add miso and pressed garlic off heat
+1/2, needed chiles, used sriracha; greens/cilantro
soup  immunity  miso  herbal.medicine 
february 2018 by susing
Healing Soups from the Green Farmacy
+ w/sriracha, more veg, no corn, added miso and pressed garlic at the end (make again!)
soup  immunity  miso 
january 2018 by susing

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