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Roasted Poblano & Green Tomato Chili
needs work!
better than I thought, after a day or 2
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august 2018 by susing
Oaxacan Pork Fajitas -
I coated the veg with the sauce, peppers and eggplant and a couple of mushrooms; steamed broccoli and the tempeh; browned the tempeh; cooked the veg, covered so it would steam through with a little extra water... had tomato wedges and a mix of sour cream and yogurt (finishing up the containers); 35 sec for corn tortillas wrapped in a dish towel in the microwave... it was hot and delicious. My chile powder was hot and I used less than the recipe - 1/2 of the amts given.
tempeh  chiles  peppers  Mexican  eggplant 
november 2017 by susing

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