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Barbecue Chickpea Sweet Potato Burgers | The Vegan 8
++ but the bbq sauce is vapid -- any tomato sauce/puree would work
sweet.potato  burger  chickpea 
august 2018 by susing
A Burger, but Better - The New York Times
tamarind ketchup: 1/3 c ketchup, 4 t tamarind paste
herbed yogurt: 1/2 c Green yogurt, 2 T cilantro, 1 t CH mint, 1 t MI jalapeno
burger  Indian 
july 2018 by susing
Big Pot of Black Beans |
chili, soup, burger, salad, quesadillas, tacos --- links
black.beans  soup  Mexican  burger 
june 2018 by susing
Buckwheat Sweet Potato Burgers - Meghan Telpner
Health Benefits of Buckwheat

High in manganese, which fights free radicals.
Rich in rutin, a flavanoid that helps lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease.
Can lower blood sugar levels and can be used in the management of diabetes.
A great source of magnesium, which helps us relax, nourishes the nervous system and is important for bone health.
Rich in fibre, which keeps us regular and helps us eliminate waste.
Naturally gluten-free.
burger  buckwheat  sweet.potato 
october 2017 by susing

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