Kabocha Squash and Peanut Stew - The Washington Post
1/2 amt peanut butter, still has good peanut taste
++ 11/2018
squash.winter  peppers  stew 
11 hours ago
Smoky Baked Beans with Pomegranate Molasses | MyRecipes
in Nov 2005 Cooking light -- 3 T ketchup, 3 T pom molasses, x pom j, 1/2 t sea (Korean) salt, x black beans, CH green pepper/orange pepper, Ch butternut sq, 1/4 smoked pepper. Cook ~ 45 min, top of stove. ++
pomegranate.molasses  red.beans  peppers  squash.winter 
19 hours ago
Teepa Snow
11 days ago
Massacre in the Heart of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood - The New York Times
Elinore Liebersohn Koenigsfeld
Ramat Gan6h ago

With tears in my eyes, thank you for this. So much I love of the values in Judaism is here.

In my early years, I lived in Hyattsville, MD, a place for a wonderful childhood: village-like in mutual support. I never heard an anti-Semitic word. On the contrary, I loved helping my friends decorate their Christmas trees, brought extra matzsos to school so I could share it. My sister and I were always the only Jewish child in our classes, no problem.

Eventually, wanting to do something significant with my life, I came to Israel. My friends thought I was crazy--why go to a dangerous place, lower my standard of living? And I knew that my future children would have to serve in the army, that terrorists were a constant reality, but I wanted to help my people build their new homeland.

Never did it enter my mind that Jews in the USA would be in danger. Such a sad day for their community, for the nation, for hopes of brotherhood in the world.
20 days ago
Egyptian Golden Potato Soup - The Nosher
1/2 recipe w/1# potatoes, 1 t sumac. x lemon, 1/4 t pepper, 1 t 'adobo' salt, 1 T Bryanna 'chick' powder -- mashed when ready, roughly
10/2018 ++
soup  potatoes  MiddleEast 
22 days ago
Turkish Ezogelin Soup
picked up spices from Eastern Mediterranean
barley for rice + Bulgar -- cooked ~ 1 hour
red.lentils  soup  MiddleEast 
4 weeks ago
Chiune Sugihara - Wikipedia
holocaust -- righteous among the nations
history  Jewish.history 
4 weeks ago
Black Bean Burger Recipe | Kitchn
overcooked beans, added more bean liq -- good enough, but not right yet
black.beans  chipotle  avocado 
5 weeks ago
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