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time spent at your side - perfectlyrose - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
The flight to Flurian III is smooth. Keith detours them through a nearby asteroid field, just to show Shiro what his ship can really do and they’re both breathless with laughter by the time Keith shoots out the other side of it. “The Scorpion ’s no Red but she’s the closest I’ve gotten in ages,” he says, patting the console fondly.

They chat and catch up on what’s happened in their lives since their last call, mostly work related stories for the both of them. They’re still half an hour out from Flurian III when a recorded message from Krolia comes through to the ship.

He hits play on it without getting up from the pilot’s seat, meaning Shiro has a front row seat for his reaction to Krolia telling him that Keith is off duty for the next two weeks, approved by both her and Kolivan, and to enjoy his vacation.

Keith curses lowly in a mix of English and Galran.

Shiro just laughs and laughs as Keith scowls at his communicator and makes three calls in a row to both Krolia and Kolivan. Neither of them answer.

Keith turns to look at him. “Mind me crashing your vacation? Mom says she packed me a bag.”
fandom:voltron  pairing:shiro/keith  author:perfectlyrose  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:notkindled  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:oneshot  admin:rec  admin:rating:sweet  atmosphere:warm  for.psiten  voltron:post-series  voltron:no-reference-to-8  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:makeouts  genre:ust  trope:certain-levels-of-density-are-wildly-implausible  trope:SleepGroping  trope:yentaing 
may 2019 by sumeria
penguin shiro loves you, baby - Inky - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
Keith’s attention is immediately drawn to the emperor penguin taking a nap next to an iceberg and a small pile of pebbles, his head tucked down. He’s missing his right flipper… and he has a tuft of white feathers at the top of his head, kind of like…

“That one looks like Shiro,” Keith says instantly, putting his finger on the glass. Lance and Allura burst into laughter, while Shiro’s face lights up in a magnificent blush. Keith puts his hand up against the glass, leaning forward to get a closer look. The Shiro-penguin stirs a little as a second penguin—this one an Adelie penguin—waddles up to him with a pebble in his beak. He spits it out at the Shiro-penguin’s feet, and lets out a trilling noise.

The Shiro-penguin just looks happy, shuffling forward to touch his beak to the top of the smaller penguin’s head.

“What’s wrong with that one?” Keith asks. Lance and Allura trade shit-eating grins. Shiro puts his head in his hand.

“Nothing is wrong with that one,” Allura says, sing-songy. “He just didn’t want to leave Shiro’s side when we quarantined him.”

“...You named him Shiro,” Keith deadpans. He looks back out at Penguin Shiro and his little Adelie buddy. The gears in his brain turn and slowly, slowly, the thoughts click into place. He points his finger at the Adelie penguin. “And you named that one Keith. Didn’t you?”
fandom:voltron  pairing:shiro/keith  author:inky  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:notkindled  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:oneshot  admin:rec  admin:rating:sweet  atmosphere:conversational  for.psiten  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:banter  genre:crack  genre:futurefic  genre:makeouts  trope:yentaing  voltron:post-series  voltron:no-reference-to-8 
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Heels Over Head - MoreThanSlightly (cadignan) - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
Without really meaning to, she finds herself walking to the end of their encampment to stand next to Keith, who seems taller than usual, as he looks out over the unfamiliar horizon of this grey wasteland of a planet.

“Sh—Allura,” he corrects himself as he turns to face her. “Do you… need something?”

Suddenly overcome, she pulls him into a hug. Keith is so important. They couldn’t do this without him.
fandom:voltron  pairing:shiro/keith  author:morethanslightly  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:notkindled  admin:rating:sweet  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:oneshot  atmosphere:conversational  for.psiten  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:ust  trope:certain-levels-of-density-are-wildly-implausible  trope:outside-perspective  trope:yentaing  voltron:post-6 
october 2018 by sumeria
Wingman - appending_fic - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
"Hey. Uh. You normally have. Clothes. On."

Shiro shrugged. "I had a bit of trouble with your wolf."

Keith sat up straighter, peering around until he saw Yurak, narrowing his eyes. "Dude. We've been through this. We ask before we play fetch." Yurak gave Keith a wide canine grin, tail wagging enthusiastically, but Keith was unmoved. "Dude. Apologize to Shiro." Yurak turned, ears flopping down as he tucked his tail between his legs, looking up at Shiro with wide eyes. He sat like that for a minute before Keith cleared his throat. "You have to accept his apology or he won't stop doing that."

Shiro looked up at Keith, then back down at the apparently contrite wolf. "You trained him to apologize."

"I figured he should be better trained than Lance," Keith retorted, crossing his arms.
fandom:voltron  pairing:shiro/keith  author:appending_fic  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:notkindled  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:oneshot  admin:rec  admin:rating:sweet  atmosphere:warm  genre:non-established-relationship  for.psiten  genre:banter  trope:yentaing  voltron:post-6 
august 2018 by sumeria
Follow Your Heart - emilyenrose - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
"It occurs to me," said Coran, "that I actually don't know very much about Earthling romance!"

Shiro blinked. Then he said, "Is there someone you've got your eye on, Coran?"

"What? Well, no, though I suppose hope springs eternal! No, I was thinking of it more in an academic way, Shiro. Purely disinterested curiosity. It's what makes us Alteans such great scientists, you know!"

Shiro guessed this was probably about Allura and Lance. He could be reassuring. "I'm happy to answer your questions," he said with a smile.

"Well," said Coran, "I know you have romance. Many species don't! But humans seem to be quite committed to romantic pair bonding, and even quite open minded about it, if Lance is anything to go by, ha ha!"

"That's right," said Shiro, increasingly sure that this was Coran looking out for Allura.

"Now – forgive me if this is too personal – how many genders, exactly?" Coran peered at him with interest.
fandom:voltron  pairing:shiro/keith  author:emilyenrose  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:notkindled  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:oneshot  admin:rec  admin:rating:sweet  atmosphere:conversational  for.psiten  genre:banter  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:timeline-what-timeline  trope:yentaing  voltron:post-6 
july 2018 by sumeria
Soft Spot for the Hell Raisin' Boy [Avengers fic by ifeelbetter, on Ao3]
"I thought you’d—" he started to say. He sighed and pushed back the hair from his forehead. It was shorter but still greasy. "I thought you’d get it. Get him.”

Sam put the jeans in the basket and folded his arms. This shit was ridiculous.

"I do,” he said sternly. “And he is at the Starbucks down the block probably doodling your face and writing ‘Steve Barnes’ in with hearts right now.”

Bucky glared.

"Seriously. So many drawings of your face. I had to give him a drawer in my bureau for them. He has very few clothes, but so many drawings of your face.”
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Bucky&Sam  category:fanfic  author:ifeelbetter  genre:slash  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:oneshot  admin:notkindled  admin:rating:good/fun  admin:rec  atmosphere:warm  Av:film-compliant  Av:movie!canon  Av:post-WS  for.psiten  genre:banter  genre:demi-pr0n  genre:friendship  genre:humor  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:timeline-what-timeline  trope:yentaing 
april 2014 by sumeria
Simple, Dirty Truth [LBD fic by Scree, on AO3]
“In case you’re wondering,” he said, “assuming that my inclination was running in that direction, I’d like to point out that unlike in a romantic comedy, the floor of this particular stairwell is filthy. There’s gum stuck to it. It wouldn’t really be my first choice of locale. Or my second. Or my third.”

She’d noticed his sense of humor before now—that sly, ready wit—and the fact that he’s able to make light of a situation that can only be termed awkward is all too welcome. Lizzie finds herself smiling in spite of it all.

“We could do it against the wall,” she suggests.

“Cinderblock,” he says dismissively. “Cold. Hard.” He gestures. “And there’s graffiti.” He points. “Badly spelled graffiti.”
fandom:LBD  pairing:Darcy/Lizzie  author:scree  category:fanfic  genre:het  admin:host:ao3  admin:rating:sweet  admin:rec  atmosphere:upbeat  for.psiten  genre:firsttime  genre:missingscene  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:pr0n  trope:yentaing  admin:length:medium  admin:kindled 
february 2013 by sumeria
Big Brother is Watching You [Avengers fic by plingo_kat, on lj]
"Perhaps," says Jarvis, a week after the Big Brother conversation, "you should simply inform Mr Stark of your feelings?"

It's the middle of the night and Steve is wide awake, lying flat on his back with the covers shoved down to his waist. He lifts the arm he has draped over his eyes and peers up at the ceiling. "I don't think that's a good idea, Jarvis."

"I would not suggest it without first performing extensive calculations, Captain Rogers. Based on thirty-two simulations run using data extrapolated from Mr Stark's sexual and romantic history from ages fourteen to forty, weighting homosexual interactions over heterosexual at three-to-one, there is an eighty-seven percent probability of success should you initiate sexual relations with Mr Stark within the next seventy-two hours."

Oh, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. "Thank you, Jarvis, that's very helpful."
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Tony/Steve  author:plingo_kat  genre:slash  genre:timeline-what-timeline  Av:movie!canon  for.psiten  genre:humor  genre:makeouts  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:ust  trope:certain-levels-of-density-are-wildly-implausible  trope:yentaing  category:fanfic  admin:notkindled  admin:length:oneshot  admin:rating:good/fun  Av:not-film-compliant  admin:host:lj  atmosphere:warm 
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