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Laundry Day [Tolkein fic by lintamande, on tumblr]
Nerdanel usually continued sculpting right up until the moment she went into labor. Other chores, though, she happily handed off to her husband and her children in the sixth month of her pregnancy. Laundry, cooking, cleaning…

“It’s counterproductive,” said Tyelkormo to Maitimo, because that was how you had to phrase arguments if you wanted Maitimo to be convinced. “Instead of eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new brother, we resent him for having already been an enormous amount of work. And then when he arrives and inevitably keeps us all up screaming and crying, there’s even more work. And after that, when he’s been nothing in our lives except an outrageous imposition, we’re expected to do the tour of important people and coo about how much we like him!”
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