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A Beginner's Guide To The Dangers Of Making Out With Your Fellow Athletes At Parties - ineptshieldmaid - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
He glances out the window again. ‘Your fans are terrifying.’

‘I know.’

‘I want to say hi to mine, though.’ Otabek looks over at Yuri, hesitant. ‘Come with?’

‘That is not going to help.’

‘Distract your nightmare fangirls for me, Yuri. Please. You’re my only hope.’

For some reason, this actually gets to Yuri. So he goes and takes selfies with screaming girls, and repeats, over and over again, that he and Otabek are not an item, and then lets the Khazakh fans photograph the pair of them together anyway.
fandom:yurionice  pairing:Otabek/Yuri  author:ineptshieldmaid  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:medium  admin:notkindled  admin:rating:good/fun  admin:rec  atmosphere:introspective  genre:banter  genre:characterstudy  genre:friendship  genre:makeouts  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:timeline-what-timeline  yoi:post-one  pairing:Viktor/Yuuri 
january 2017 by sumeria
And Then, Your Heart Drops - sassively - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Viktor has more fun at the banquet than expected.
“This is weird,” Yuri abruptly announces. He tilts his head up, resting his chin on Victor’s shoulder. “Are you really Victor, or is this just the champagne?”

Victor leans in until his forehead rests on Yuri’s. “I’m right here,” he says.

Yuri stares up at him, wide-eyed and red-cheeked. His hand seems to compulsively clench around the lapel of Victor’s jacket, and for a moment, Victor wonders if he’s going to kiss him.

And then the elevator dings.
fandom:yurionice  pairing:Viktor/Yuuri  author:sassively  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:oneshot  admin:notkindled  admin:rating:good/fun  atmosphere:conversational  genre:characterstudy  genre:missingscene  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:prequel  genre:ust  yoi:one 
january 2017 by sumeria
Feast When You Can - autoeuphoric (FreezingRayne) - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
At twenty-four, Yuuri has a lot of things most people don’t. Custom-made ice skates, chronic knee pain, over 8,000 instagram followers. Corporate sponsors, a wikipedia page, a modest but colorful collection of fanfiction written about him.

But he’s never had a sex life before.
fandom:yurionice  pairing:Viktor/Yuuri  author:autoeuphoric  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:notkindled  admin:rating:good/fun  admin:length:oneshot  admin:host:ao3  admin:rec  atmosphere:conversational  yoi:one  genre:establishedrelationship  genre:pr0n  genre:timeline-what-timeline 
december 2016 by sumeria

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