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The Sky and Everything Beneath It [Avengers fic by jibrailis, on AO3]
Clint says, "Good thing I brought along all these magazines. Look, they even have an article on you, Cap." He opens it with deliberate relish and starts reading. "'Captain America, solid and strong, with his all-American good looks and his thighs of molten steel—'"

"Please stop," Steve says.

"—most eligible bachelor of the country ever since Tony Stark announced his engagement to Virginia Potts, CEO of Stark Industries," Clint continues.

"Wait," Natasha interrupts. "How can his thighs be molten steel? Wouldn't they be liquid then?"

"I think they just mean his thighs are really hot and hard," Clint says.

"Well, that's sloppy writing," she says.

Steve turns on the radio.
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