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Time Flies Like An Arrow - Katlou303 - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
In which Sakura tried to go back in time, but ended up just giving her past self at age four flashbacks to the future. In which four year old Sakura who's determined to fix everything is the most adorable thing in the universe.
fandom:Naruto  pairing:Shisui&Sakura  author:katlou303  category:fanfic  genre:nopairing  admin:notkindled  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:medium  admin:rec  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:WIP  atmosphere:upbeat  genre:badassery  genre:divergantAU  genre:friendship  N:non-mas  trope:children  trope:fixit  trope:timetravel 
february 2018 by sumeria
Feast - emilyenrose - The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
“I am tormented,” Maedhros said confidingly to Fingon. “The Enemy’s table was atrocious and now they won’t give me anything but soup. You owe me for many years of sweets slipped under the table, cousin - will you be my rescuer again? I will trade you half the kingdom I don’t have for a loaf of bread and a bowl of stew.”

“Don’t let him wheedle you into it,” said Maglor. “He will be sick. It’s a waste of stew.”

“I have starved, and now I would feast,” Maedhros said. “Will you deny your king?” He grinned. “Or is this just a decorative hat after all? In that case I would prefer one that keeps the rain off. Tell Curufin.”
fandom:Tolkien  pairing:Maedhros/Fingon  author:emilyenrose  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:oneshot  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  atmosphere:sharp  genre:banter  genre:makeouts  genre:missingscene  genre:non-established-relationship  tolkein:accurate  tolkein:first-age  admin:kindled 
august 2016 by sumeria
The Mischief Rule [Loki:AoA fic by anon, on Ao3]
"Loki…" Verity crawled away from him, willing her pounding heart to slow down. "I think what we need are some rules. So here's two: one, warn me when you're going to do something, and two—I can't believe I'm saying this, but…when we're in bed, no animals, okay?!"

His face fell. Then he perked up. "How about animal heads? Like, you know, my usual body but an animal's—"

"Ugh, no! Jesus, that might even be worse!"

"How about if there's nothing sexual going on, and we're just cuddling or whatever—'cause it's really nice to be a cat under those circumstances—"

"Let me put it this way," said Verity slowly, "if we are naked, even just a little, everyone stays human. Got it?"

"What if we were wearing latex bodysuits? You know, for sex?"

"Loki…" Verity was starting to lose patience—because when he'd warned her about getting involved with him, she was pretty sure this was what he'd meant, and this wasn't some deep dark weird god thing, this was just immaturity and bad impulse control. "Is there any way you can, I don't know, abide by the spirit of this request and not look for every possible loophole?"
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Loki/Verity  author:anon  category:fanfic  genre:het  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:oneshot  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  atmosphere:happy!fic  Av:comics!canon  Av:Loki-is-my-favorite  category:yuletide  genre:demi-pr0n  genre:firsttime  genre:friendship  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:self-inflicted-problems-caused-by-being-stupid  genre:timeline-what-timeline  Av:AoA!Loki  admin:kindled 
december 2014 by sumeria
Fenestration and the Art of Self Defense [Avengers fic by Airawyn, on Ao3]
Darcy put the phone in her pocket and walked over to Bucky, who was giving the address to the pizza place. When he hung up, Darcy held out her hand. "Gimme," she said.

Bucky looked down and realized he was still holding the knife. He flipped it around and handed it to her hilt-first.

"Do you have any more?" she asked.

Blink. "No."

Darcy held out her hand again. Bucky produced a third knife and gave it to her. "Where are you keeping all these?" she asked. He didn't have any visible sheaths.

Bucky smiled.

"Never mind, I don't want to know," Darcy decided. "Cool arm."
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Bucky/Darcy  author:airawyn  category:fanfic  genre:nopairing  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:medium  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  atmosphere:happy!fic  Av:Darcy-is-Awesome  Av:movie!canon  Av:film-compliant  Av:post-WS  for.psiten  genre:banter  genre:crack  genre:humor  genre:prehet  admin:kindled 
october 2014 by sumeria
We'll Run Like We're Awesome [Avengers fic by themonkeycabal, on AO3]
Tony frowned and tried another tack. "If you went to MIT you could take classes in Stark Hall. A Stark in Stark Hall. How awesome would that be?"

"So awesome I can't actually stand it, that's why I accepted Culver."

He gaped at her for a moment then turned back to his phone. "Fine, okay, fine, you win. You can go to Caltech. And I promise not to, you know, mock your halls of higher learning."

"I know that's a big sacrifice for you." Darcy comforted him with a pat on his back.

He nodded and sighed heavily. "It really is."

"So, I'll spare you that, and go to Culver instead. See how much I love you?"
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Tony&Darcy  author:themonkeycabal  category:fanfic  genre:nopairing  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:epic  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  atmosphere:happy!fic  Av:Darcy-is-Awesome  Av:film-compliant  Av:movie!canon  Av:Tony-is-kind-of-ADHD-here  for.psiten  genre:AU  genre:banter  genre:friendship  genre:humor  trope:foundfamily  trope:AU:sameworld  admin:kindled  trope:children 
february 2014 by sumeria
Bel Canto [Sherlock fic by bendingsignpost, on AO3]
Phantom fusion, rather than crossover; in which Sherlock takes the half of the Phantom's duties that involve being a deranged composer living in the basement, and Moriarity takes care of the parts that involve raining down destruction and threatening blackmail.
fandom:Sherlock  pairing:Holmes/Watson  author:bendingsignpost  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:epic  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  genre:adventures  genre:AU  genre:firsttime  genre:friendship  genre:fusion  genre:makeouts  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:self-inflicted-problems-caused-by-being-stupid  trope:H/C-emotional  trope:historical!AU  atmosphere:sharp  genre:romance  admin:kindled 
january 2014 by sumeria
Get Up, and Go Forth [Kings fic by Frostfire, on Ao3]
To the east, the sun is falling at an angle through the underbrush. It looks like a pathway of gold.

Jack glances up. "This is incredibly unfair," he says. "Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it, but I would have appreciated it a lot more fifteen years ago."

Silence. He starts off into the woods.

He walks for half a day or so, getting further and further away from anything that looks like civilization, until he comes over a broken-down wooden bridge across a barely-there creek, and finds himself looking across a clearing at David fucking Shepherd.

He lets his head fall back, and glares at the sky. “Really?” he says.

David hears him, or hears something, and turns. The look of astonishment on his face, at least, is a thing to be treasured.

Jack steps forwards. “The future king,” he says. “Sadly lacking in a court, I see.”
fandom:Kings  pairing:Jack/David  category:fanfic  genre:slash  author:frostfire  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:medium  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  genre:characterstudy  genre:makeouts  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:rarefandom/pairing  trope:fixit  atmosphere:sharp  admin:kindled 
january 2014 by sumeria
The Stone Gryphon [Narnia fic by rthstewart, on AO3]
This is a very long and quite lovely series of Narnia fics which begin at the end of Caspian, and which I believe intend to carry on through the Last Battle, detailing Our Heroes continuing lives in England in wartime.

Pacing is slow, but deliberate, and the cast of OCs many, varied, and highly engaging. I also quite liked the author's handling and incorporation of the religious themes of the books, which a lot of Narnia fic kind of shies away from.
fandom:narnia  pairing:none  author:rthstewart  category:fanfic  genre:nopairing  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:epic  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  atmosphere:languid  admin:WIP  genre:badassery  genre:friendship  genre:interestingpremise  genre:missingscene  genre:rarefandom/pairing  trope:OC  trope:outside-perspective  admin:kindled  genre:really-excellent-worldbuilding 
march 2013 by sumeria
Bound [Bond fic by BootsnBlossoms & Kryptaria, on AO3]
Yeah, anyone at all into shibari needs to read this fic. Also, bonus points awarded for a much more nuanced take on kink than one normally sees in fic; Our Heroes have fairly narrow and specific interests, and aren't just into every damn thing.

And there's character development and such as well.
fandom:Bond  pairing:00Q  author:bootsnblossoms  author:kryptaria  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:medium  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  atmosphere:quiet  genre:banter  genre:firsttime  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:pr0n  genre:timeline-what-timeline  trope:bondage  trope:kinky  trope:toys  admin:kindled 
march 2013 by sumeria
The Balance of Affection [Enchanted Forrest fic by anon, on AO3]
“Willin,” said Mendanbar, “that is absolutely the most ridiculous thing you have ever said.”

“Not quite,” said Cimorene. “Remember the home for orphaned goslings and their goose girls?”

“Ah yes, it just came screaming back to me,” Mendanbar muttered. He leaned over the edge of the sofa and put his face in his hands. “No honeymoon, Willin.”


“And that’s final! Now please excuse us; Her Majesty and I would prefer to face all lurking usurpers and enemies of our hearth and homeland in a state of dress more advanced than this.”
fandom:EnchantedForrest  pairing:Mendanbar/Cimmorene  author:anon  category:fanfic  genre:het  category:yuletide  admin:length:oneshot  admin:rating:awesomesauce  atmosphere:happy!fic  genre:banter  genre:establishedrelationship  genre:friendship  genre:futurefic  genre:humor  genre:makeouts  genre:rarefandom/pairing  admin:host:ao3  admin:kindled 
december 2012 by sumeria
Ironsides [Avengers fic by copperbadge, on AO3]
"I hate flowers," she announces, leaning back again. She does. Most pointless thing on Earth, flowers. Well, except for the Stark intellicrops, but even then, she leaves that to the biologists.

"Shucks." He looks genuinely disappointed.

"Fruit," she says.


"I like fruit. You could buy me apples or something, that's kind of retro, you'd be into that, right?"

His brow wrinkles. "Courting with fruit?"

"Pears. Guavas. I like mangos, too."
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Tony/Steve  author:sam-storyteller  category:fanfic  trope:genderswap  genre:slash  genre:het  admin:length:medium  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  atmosphere:happy!fic  Av:film-compliant  Av:movie!canon  Av:toppy!Steve  genre:banter  genre:firsttime  genre:friendship  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:pr0n  genre:self-inflicted-problems-caused-by-being-stupid  genre:ust  trope:marriage  admin:autokindled  admin:host:AO3 
july 2012 by sumeria
Hurt - (Spock Prime) - YouTube
Would not have thought Johnny Cash would make a good Star Trek vid, but would have been wrong.
category:vid  category:not!fanfic  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  fandom:Reboot 
june 2012 by sumeria
Avengers: Epilogue [Avengers fic by sam-storyteller, on AO3]
"Oh, hey, um, this is going to sound creeptastic but I'm pretty sure there's a closet full of my mom's clothing upstairs," Tony said to Natasha. "It's old but it's probably mostly Gucci. Two levels up, down the hall on the left."

"Old and Gucci beats shredded and smelly," she said with a shrug, and made her way to the elevator. Clint sat down on the stool next to Tony's and raised his arms as high as he could, wincing.

"Strap me up," he said.

"I'm nine million percent sure I have underwear you can have," Tony informed him.

"First aid is a primary concern," Steve said, though he wasn't exactly comfortable with Clint's nudity either. Not as comfortable as Clint was, anyway.

"Okay, I'm going to...for some underwear and clothing. Hey, I totally have enough underwear for Bruce too. Thor, you good for delicates?" Tony asked, heading for the elevator. "Steve?"

"No room for them under the uniform," Steve said before he thought about it. A different sort of silence filled the room. He paused. "No, thank you, Tony."

Exactly as it says on the tin. Delightful.
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Tony/Pepper  author:sam-storyteller  category:fanfic  admin:length:medium  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  atmosphere:warm  Av:aftermath  Av:film-compliant  Av:movie!canon  for.psiten  genre:banter  genre:establishedrelationship  genre:friendship  genre:het  genre:humor  genre:missingscene  genre:nopairing  trope:H/C  trope:fixit  admin:host:AO3  admin:autokindled 
may 2012 by sumeria
Strobelight Serenade [Avengers fic by panicandstartariot, on AO3]
“Were you aware,” Tony says grandly, for someone who is literally dripping sweat onto his Looney Tunes socks, “That Steve has never been to a dance before? Has never even danced before?”

They both look at him in surprise. “Never?” Natasha says softly.

“I always thought you had, like, secret swing-dancing powers.” Clint blurts out, “Like in the movies.”

“What in the hell are all these musical war movies you two keep watching?” Steve demands, looking between Tony and Clint accusingly, “There was no dancing, the only singing was really filthy songs about prostitutes and Hitler-”

“White Christmas?” Tony volunteers, like he knows it might not count.

“South Pacific.” Clint says more confidently.

“Name one more and I’ll believe you.” Steve insists, and neither of them says anything, shuffling their feet abashedly on the concrete.
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Tony/Steve  author:panicandstartariot  category:fanfic  admin:length:medium  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  atmosphere:happy!fic  Av:mixed!canon  Av:film-compliant  Av:Tony-is-kind-of-ADHD-here  for.psiten  genre:banter  genre:crack  genre:friendship  genre:humor  genre:makeouts  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:slash  genre:timeline-what-timeline  genre:WTF-ery  admin:host:AO3  admin:autokindled 
may 2012 by sumeria
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