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Learn React.js in a weekend! - Nodecasts
Ok, so you probably can't really learn React.js in a single weekend but these are the resources I recommend if you want to try!
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june 2016 by sultancillo
ALL LEATHER MUST BE BOILED: A new reader–friendly combined reading order for A Feast for Crows & A Dance with Dragons
Prologue: ADWD 1
Prologue: AFFC 1
The Prophet: AFFC 2
The Captain of Guards: AFFC 3
Cersei I: AFFC 4
Tyrion I: ADWD 2
Daenerys I: ADWD 3
Brienne I: AFFC 5
Jon I: ADWD 4
Bran I: ADWD 5
Tyrion II: ADWD 6 [then SKIP Chapter 7, The Merchant’s Man]
Samwell I: AFFC 6
Jon II: ADWD 8
Arya I: AFFC 7
Cersei II: AFFC 8
Jaime I: AFFC 9
Brienne II: AFFC 10
Sansa I: AFFC 11
The Kraken’s Daughter: AFFC 12
Tyrion III: ADWD 9
Davos I: ADWD 10
Jon III: ADWD 11
Daenerys II: ADWD 12
Reek I: ADWD 13
Cersei III: AFFC 13
The Soiled Knight: AFFC 14
Bran II: ADWD 14
Tyrion IV: ADWD 15
Davos II: ADWD 16
Brienne III: AFFC 15
Samwell II: AFFC 16
Daenerys III: ADWD 17
Jon IV: ADWD 18
Jaime II: AFFC 17
Tyrion V: ADWD 19
Cersei IV: AFFC 18
Davos III: ADWD 20
The Iron Captain: AFFC 19
The Drowned Man: AFFC 20
Brienne IV: AFFC 21
The Queenmaker: AFFC 22
Arya II: AFFC 23
Alayne I: AFFC 24 [then JUMP AHEAD to Chapter 41: The Princess in the Tower]
The Princess in the Tower: AFFC 41 [now switch to ADWD and JUMP BACK to Chapter 7: The Merchant’s Man]
The Merchant’s Man: ADWD 7 [now switch to AFFC and JUMP BACK to Chapter 25: Cersei]
Cersei V: AFFC 25
Reek II: ADWD 21
Jon V: ADWD 22
Tyrion VI: ADWD 23
Daenerys IV: ADWD 24
The Lost Lord: ADWD 25
The Windblown: ADWD 26
The Wayward Bride: ADWD 27
Brienne V: AFFC 26
Samwell III: AFFC 27
Jaime III: AFFC 28
Tyrion VII: ADWD 28
Jon VI: ADWD 29
Davos IV: ADWD 30
Cersei VI: AFFC 29
The Reaver: AFFC 30
Daenerys V: ADWD 31
Melisandre I: ADWD 32
Jaime IV: AFFC 31
Brienne VI: AFFC 32
Reek III: ADWD 33
Tyrion VIII: ADWD 34
Cersei VII: AFFC 33
Jaime V: AFFC 34
Cat of the Canals: AFFC 35
Samwell IV: AFFC 36
Cersei VIII: AFFC 37
Brienne VII: AFFC 38
Jaime VI: AFFC 39
Cersei IX: AFFC 40 [remember, you can skip Chapter 41: The Princess in the Tower, because you already read it]
Bran III: ADWD 35
Jon VII: ADWD 36
Daenerys VI: ADWD 37
The Prince of Winterfell: ADWD 38
The Watcher: ADWD 39
Tyrion IX: ADWD 41
The Turncloak: ADWD 42
The King’s Prize: ADWD 43
Daenerys VII: ADWD 44
Alayne II: AFFC 42
Jon IX
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november 2012 by sultancillo
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