Unlimited Memory – Josiah Vorst
Key notes & concepts from the book "Unlimited Memrory..." by Kevin Horsley. This isn't a review of the book, just actionable notes from my perspective.
Open Shortest Path First - Wikiwand
Open Shortest Path First is a routing protocol for Internet Protocol networks. It uses a link state routing algorithm and falls into the group of interior gateway protocols , operating within a single autonomous system . It is defined as OSPF Version 2 in RFC 2328 for IPv4.[1] The updates for IPv6 are specified as OSPF Version 3 in RFC 5340 .[2] OSPF supports the Classless Inter-Domain Routing addressing model.
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Remote Code Execution in apt/apt-get
tl;dr I found a vulnerability in apt that allows a network man-in-the-middle (or a malicious package mirror) to execute arbitrary code as root on a machine i...
apt  security  debian  linux  https  pentest 
90 days of AWS EKS in Production - kubedex.com
Come and read 90 days of AWS EKS in Production on Kubedex.com. The number one site to Discover, Compare and Share Kubernetes Applications.
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