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Sony Ericsson P990 communicator boasts 3G, Wi-Fi - infoSync World
2M auto-focus camera, wifi, a qwerty keyboard and symbian? i think we have a winner!
mobile  hardware  wifi 
october 2005 by sturob
Cracking WEP in 10 minutes
Run, don't walk, to your nearest VPN
howto  screencast  linux  hack  wifi 
june 2005 by sturob
Nokia Nseries multimedia mobile phones unleashed
The N91: 4 gig hard-drive, 802.11g, 2 megapixel, headphone socket, Series60. This + Skype = disruption
handheld  wifi  hardware 
april 2005 by sturob
"a linux distribution for the Linksys WRT54G"
wifi  linux  software  hack 
january 2005 by sturob
Neighbornode: the extensible neighborhood network
WiFi bulletin board. Can run on a Linksys WRT54G.
community  software  wifi 
november 2004 by sturob
Geekzone, mobile forums: Stanaphone review
"As long as you have access to the Internet from your Pocket PC you can place and receive calls using this number."
voip  wifi 
july 2004 by sturob

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