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Clipperz - online password manager
great concept, shame about the UI and uptime issues
security  privacy  service 
november 2009 by sturob
"Bringing Web Fonts Closer"
typography  service 
july 2009 by sturob
Simple Bug and Issue Tracking | Sifter
looks quite nice, but then bug trackers usually do before you actually use them
issuetracking  service 
july 2009 by sturob
Construct Your CSS
WYSIWYG Layout Editor, Semantic & Table-Free
css  lib  service  layout  generator 
december 2008 by sturob
"Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy"
storage  software  osx  service 
september 2008 by sturob
"send notes that will self-destruct after being read"
communication  service  security 
july 2008 by sturob
"online file hosting distribution service"
storage  service 
july 2008 by sturob
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