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Microsoft Surface
good work, i do wonder how much is ripped off of jeff han tho
hardware  microsoft  interface 
may 2007 by sturob
Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog
Clever use of metrics but the comments are like a UI meeting from hell
interface  microsoft  blog 
june 2006 by sturob
Explorer Destroyer - Switch to Firefox, Make money from Adsense
Things to do you do when your market cap is bigger than Coca-Cola's
google  ie  web  microsoft 
november 2005 by sturob
Wired 13.02: The Microsoft Memo
"Bill Gates hires open source icon Linus Torvalds? That was just the beginning of Redmond's hybrid strategy to face the free software age."
microsoft  opensource  linux  future  fiction 
january 2005 by sturob | Computing: From factoids to facts
"the real prize will surely go to whoever can use the web to deliver a straight answer to a straight question. And Eric Brill, a researcher at Microsoft, intends that his firm will be the first to do that."
ai  microsoft  search 
august 2004 by sturob
IE in Windows XP SP2
"So the entire tone of the sentence has changed because they couldn't write correct HTML ... You see why writing correct HTML and having browsers interpret it correctly is important? "
html  microsoft  firefox 
august 2004 by sturob
Microsoft employee: "I love IE". 100 comments in response: "Are you high? Get Firefox"
blog  microsoft  web  firefox 
july 2004 by sturob

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