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really quite disturbing
december 2008 by sturob
"Turn based multiplayer strategy game"
game  war 
june 2008 by sturob
Zoonami - The Making of GoldenEye 007
They broke quite a few 'rules' of game design
game  design 
june 2006 by sturob
Welcome to AIM Fight
AOL reframe AIM as a game. Powerlaw reinforcement like this seems dangerous.
socialsoftware  powerlaws  game 
august 2005 by sturob : la Pate a Son
Flash/shockwave looks like it could do a javascript style comeback as a medium for digital art
flash  game  music  art 
july 2005 by sturob
AntiFactory: Home
"a wiki focused on the art and science of GameDesign"
game  design  wiki 
june 2005 by sturob
Electroplankton FAQ
Can't. Resist. DS. Anymore
music  game  nintendo 
june 2005 by sturob
Terra Nova: A Place By Any Other Name
Animal Crossing - Asynchronous Multiplay
game  play_later 
april 2005 by sturob
another 'get people to generate metadata by framing as a game' site
game  web  google  photo  metadata 
april 2005 by sturob
Buzz Game: Home
"a fantasy prediction market for high-tech products, concepts, and trends"
prediction  game  buzz  tech  web 
march 2005 by sturob
Possibly the geekiest game ever
game  3d 
february 2005 by sturob
Transcend: a new video game by Jason Rohrer
"As you play through a level, you are simultaneously assembling an abstract visual collage and arranging a unique piece of music"
art  game  music  software 
november 2004 by sturob
MSNBC - Are poker 'bots' raking online pots?
"Some suspect computer programs have infiltrated Internet games"
ai  game  hack  web 
september 2004 by sturob
The Great Scam
First person account of an in-game scam in the Elite-style space based MMORG - Eve Online
crime  economics  game  metaverse 
august 2004 by sturob
LucasArts: In Development - Mercenaries
"Mercenaries is a revolutionary, 3rd person action-shooter game set in the near future and inspired by real world events."
3d  game 
july 2004 by sturob
Wireless Watch Japan - Mogi: Socially Connected GPS Gaming
"Mogi is a multi-player network game in which individuals or teams hunt down virtual treasures hidden in Tokyo's concrete jungle; Mogi players interact in ways that even the much-talked-about i-mode has yet to deliver."
game  handheld  video 
july 2004 by sturob

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