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Main Page - PlainOldWebserver
web server in the browser, means that ajax apps can be hacked up to work offline
firefox  extension  javascript  offline 
february 2007 by sturob
Butler [dive into mark]
The perfect response to Google autolink
firefox  google  web  javascript  bending 
march 2005 by sturob
Extension Room :: URIid
Lets you write per-site client-side CSS
hack  bending  firefox  extension  css  web 
february 2005 by sturob
Us.ef.ul (beelerspace)
How to get the most out of and Firefox's "Live Bookmarks"  firefox 
november 2004 by sturob
Spread Firefox - Igniting the web
Open-source style marketing, fantastic
community  web  firefox 
september 2004 by sturob Mozilla Firefox Extensions
Slogger creates a complete backup and log of your browsing history in a highly customizable way.
extension  software  web  firefox 
august 2004 by sturob
IE in Windows XP SP2
"So the entire tone of the sentence has changed because they couldn't write correct HTML ... You see why writing correct HTML and having browsers interpret it correctly is important? "
html  microsoft  firefox 
august 2004 by sturob
Microsoft employee: "I love IE". 100 comments in response: "Are you high? Get Firefox"
blog  microsoft  web  firefox 
july 2004 by sturob

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