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with this and gyre, it looks like the web-based ide is gonna be here soon
web  app  coding  community 
february 2007 by sturob
worth upgrading to firefox2 for
javascript  web  app  productivity  gtd 
october 2006 by sturob
Google Reader
At last! A usable web-based feed reader
web  app  aggregation  google 
september 2006 by sturob
Finally, a decent file store web app with an open api
web  app  storage 
january 2006 by sturob
this is amazing, not for what it does, but how it works
javascript  gtd  web  app 
october 2005 by sturob
Num Sum
web-based spreadsheet
web  app 
july 2005 by sturob
"lets groups of people pool money for various purposes"
web  finance  community  app 
may 2005 by sturob
New web app coming soon from 37signals
web  app 
march 2005 by sturob
Welcome to Zopa - The first lending and borrowing exchange
Ebay for lending: "we put people who want to lend in touch with creditworthy people who want to borrow"
web  app  finance 
march 2005 by sturob - the human search engine [beta #1]
Search engine using Spurl bookmarks as it's source
search  service  app 
march 2005 by sturob
S5 Presents - An open-source web-based slideshow application
"free and open-source web based application for creating slideshows using Eric Meyer's great XHTML based slideshow software"
presentation  web  app 
february 2005 by sturob
Wiki web app that uses XMLHTTPRequest to be instantaneous
javascript  wiki  web  app 
january 2005 by sturob
Ta-da List
Basecamp free version - "Simple sharable to-do lists"
app  web  time-management  productivity 
january 2005 by sturob
43 Things
Webapp to declare and share your goals
web  app  productivity  community 
january 2005 by sturob
k5 meets
app  sifting  web 
december 2004 by sturob
My current project. Social content manager with: tags, tag visualisation, collaborative editing and public, private or group-restricted entries
app  socialsoftware  web 
november 2004 by sturob
Koders - Source Code Search Engine
How to be an even lazier programmer
app  search  web 
november 2004 by sturob
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