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Twitturly - Real-time Link Tracking on Twitter
useful for tracking trends but more useful for tracking inbound tweets across all url shortening services
aggregation  buzz  links  twitter 
february 2009 by sturob
poor but thoughtprovoking
fonts  aggregation 
november 2007 by sturob
Google Reader
At last! A usable web-based feed reader
web  app  aggregation  google 
september 2006 by sturob - digg / slashdot / popular
just in time to aggregate the spam that's started showing up on digg
blog  collaboration  aggregation  tech 
november 2005 by sturob
Blogdigger Groups - Beta
"Blogdigger Groups allows you to combine the contents of two or more blogs making the combined content easily accessible all at once"
syndication  aggregation  rss  service 
march 2005 by sturob
RSS Digest: Show and syndicate RSS and news feed on your Web page with no programming
"Place items and headlines from any RSS or Atom enabled site (such as or Flickr) onto your site"
aggregation  service  remix  rss  syndication 
march 2005 by sturob
Flickr: Photos tagged with a9local
Selected and remixed photos from Amazon A9's 'Local' service
photo  collection  aggregation  remix  urban 
february 2005 by sturob
Blog of Mark Fletcher - Bloglines founder
aggregation  blog  web 
october 2004 by sturob
A web-based aggregator that looks like it will have nice UI (sorry bloglines) and social aspects (link-logs, recommendations, etc)
aggregation  app  web 
october 2004 by sturob
Webjay - Listener Created Radio
Another Web 2.0 component: "Webjay is a tool that helps you listen to and publish web playlists."
aggregation  app  music  video  web 
august 2004 by sturob

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