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DNI Review of Defending Israel by Martin van Creveld
Finally, some insight into Sharon's new intentions
4g  israel  middle-east  war 
november 2004 by sturob
Corruption In The Corps?
"The Pentagon now controls the world's largest planned economy"
4g  economics  war 
october 2004 by sturob
MSNBC - Terrorism war spreads to the Web
"In a posting on Sept. 22 at 3:46 a.m., time zone unspecified, a person calling himself Nimr suggested that the group make Kenneth Bigley ... beg for his life to the "tyrant.""
4g  net  war 
october 2004 by sturob
Global Guerrillas: Bazaar Dynamics
Open-source methodology in 4G warfare
4g  war 
september 2004 by sturob
excerpt from: Al Franken's Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
"what happened during the change in administrations in 2000 and how the Bush administration ignored the warnings handed to them before the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001"
4g  politics  war 
september 2004 by sturob
Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal: A Weblog: Richard Clarke Is Moderately Shrill
"The decisive battles of the War on Terror cannot be fought not in places like Fallujah or the Hindu Kush. It's a war of ideas. If we mobilize our ideas to split the 200 million who think they support bin Laden off away from the 100,000 Jihadists, we win"
4g  politics  war 
september 2004 by sturob Fear Itself
"Learning to live in the age of terrorism"
4g  psychology  society  war 
august 2004 by sturob
frontline: son of al qaeda: interviews: abdurahman khadr | PBS
"Abdurahman Khadr recounts his journey from Osama bin Laden to the CIA"
4g  interview  war 
august 2004 by sturob Unmasking of Qaeda Mole a U.S. Security Blunder-Experts
Bush decides his re-election is more important than having an agent inside Al Qaeda
4g  espionage  news  politics  usa  war 
august 2004 by sturob

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