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F3 [Form From Function]- Live Code 3D
"playful, professional and powerful 3D design app" "live code 3D form, rapidly iterate on its design, and export for 3D printing"
3d  mac 
september 2016 by sturob
cubehero: github for fabbing
Host your 3D printer projects. Version control included.
3d  collaboration  git 
december 2012 by sturob
start of in-browser design tools for fabbing
3d  javascript  fab 
january 2012 by sturob
O'Reilly Radar > Live Motion 3D Video Camera
the real fun starts when this goes real-time
3d  camera  tech  vr 
august 2006 by sturob
Possibly the geekiest game ever
game  3d 
february 2005 by sturob
LucasArts: In Development - Mercenaries
"Mercenaries is a revolutionary, 3rd person action-shooter game set in the near future and inspired by real world events."
3d  game 
july 2004 by sturob

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