F3 [Form From Function]- Live Code 3D
"playful, professional and powerful 3D design app" "live code 3D form, rapidly iterate on its design, and export for 3D printing"
3d  mac 
september 2016
Simpler language editor
an editor that only allows the 1,000 most used words
software  writing  language 
april 2016
Ozeal Glasses
Buy Prescription Glasses & Eyeglasses Online
shop  glasses  uk 
november 2014
The best cities to live and work remotely, based on cost of living, weather, internet speed and other metrics
travel  work 
september 2014
Tugboat - Turn Readers Into Supporters
"Your users are willing to pay you directly, but you have to ask them first. Use Tugboat to identify your most passionate audience, ask for their support"
funding  bootstrapping 
july 2014
Proxy - Web Interception Proxy
charles-a-like with much slicker ui
proxy  mac  software  network 
may 2014
directory.io - All bitcoin private keys
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may 2014
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