🍩 I am not sure if I can explain algorithms with doodles in my own style well but the first one is about Big O nota…
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16 hours ago
Framing the product team as each person have distinct responsibilities, especially in the course of discovery, both…
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3 days ago
In SF I learned: the best VCs don’t really know what’s going to take off.

In LA I learned: the best producers don’…
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4 days ago
Beginner's Guide to using Node.js and the Express.js framework
Note: In this article, Node, Node.js will be used interchangeably. This also goes for Express and Express.js, they are commonly used to refer to the exact same framework.
__weekly-ready  node.js 
10 days ago
Design systems roundup
When I started writing a post about architects, gardeners, and design systems, it was going to be a quick follow-up to my post about web standards, dictionaries, and design systems. I had spotted an interesting metaphor in one of Frank’s posts, and I thought it was worth jotting it down.
__weekly-ready  design-system  weekly.rc 
10 days ago
Response Time Limits: Article by Jakob Nielsen
How users react to delays in a user interface, whether website or application. The 3 main response time limits are determined by human perceptual abilities.
11 days ago
Breaking looms
The Luddites weren't so bad after all
design-system  weekly.rc 
12 days ago
Design Systems, Agile, and Industrialization
Hoo boy, a blog post rebounding a blog post which rebounds a blog post. Let me jump on this train!

Jeremy Keith clearly articulates a concern about design systems I often hear from many designers:
In that light, design systems take their place in a long history of dehumanising approaches to manufa
design-system  weekly.rc 
12 days ago
Understanding the ECMAScript spec, part 1 · V8
Tutorial on reading the ECMAScript specification
javascript  spec  weekly.rc 
13 days ago
Report: What's New in ECMAScript and JavaScript for 2020 - The New Stack
Since 2015, ECMAScript — the formal specification of the JavaScript language — has been getting annual updates that come out every June. These updates include all proposals that have reached stage 4: finished proposals that have been signed off by all the ECMAScript editors, shipped in at least two compatible implementations and passed acceptance testing. …
13 days ago
Designing a ripple effect for UI feedback - LogRocket Blog
User interaction feedback is a major factor when designing a UI. For button elements, the ripple effect is an intuitive way to give users touch feedback.
ui  javascript 
13 days ago
Property Testing with JSVerify · Part I
Automated Test Case Generation and Failing Case Simplification. Tagged with jsverify, quickcheck, testing, functional.
13 days ago
The design systems we swim in. — Ethan Marcotte
When was the last time a design system empowered you to make a decision? (I’m honestly asking.)
design-system  weekly.rc 
13 days ago
7 Principles of Icon Design
Creating a high-quality icon family requires a thoughtful approach, a trained eye, a bit of iteration, and a lot of practice. Below, I’ll illustrate the hallmarks of quality through 7 principles and…
icon  design  weekly.rc 
13 days ago
Old CSS, new CSS
I first got into web design/development in the late 90s, and only as I type this sentence do I realize how long ago that was. And boy, it was horrendous. I mean, being able to make stuff an
css  weekly.rc 
14 days ago
5 Best Practices to Write Quality Arrow Functions
The arrow function deserves the popularity. Its syntax is concise, binds this lexically, fits great as a callback. In this post, you’ll read 5 best practices to get even more benefits from the arrow functions.
__weekly-ready  javascript  arrow-function  weekly.rc 
16 days ago
The Hard Thing About Simple Words — JavaScript January
(Written by Spencer Miskoviak using only the ten hundred words people use the most often, as stated by the computer place with funny black and white drawings)
17 days ago
React Native is the Future of Mobile at Shopify
After years of native mobile development, we’ve decided to build all of our new mobile apps using React Native. As I’ll explain, that decision doesn’t come lightly.
17 days ago
Things I believe
Things I believe. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
engineering  weekly.rc 
18 days ago
Spoiled by the Web
We design and develop responsive websites and progressive web apps.
18 days ago
Understanding CSS Grid: Grid Lines — Smashing Magazine
In a new series, Rachel Andrew breaks down the CSS Grid Layout specification. This time, we take a look at how to use the grid lines to place items.
css  grid  weekly.rc 
18 days ago
Today, the Trident Era Ends
About the rise and fall of Microsoft's take on the web.
browser  weekly.rc 
18 days ago
4 CSS layouts without using media queries | Polypane browser for dev & design
Do you always need media queries to make a website responsive? With flexbox and grid you can make responsive layouts…
flexbox  layout  weekly.rc 
18 days ago
Architects, gardeners, and design systems
Citing Frank Chimero, Debbie Chachra, and Lisa O’Neill.
design-system  weekly.rc 
18 days ago
Practice GraphQL Queries With the State of JavaScript API | CSS-Tricks
Learning how to build GraphQL APIs can be quite challenging. But you can learn how to use GraphQL APIs in 10 minutes! And it so happens I've got the
18 days ago
Use and Reuse Everything in SVG… Even Animations! | CSS-Tricks
If you are familiar with SVG and CSS animations and started to work with them often, here are some ideas you might want to keep in mind before jumping
svg  use  weekly.rc 
19 days ago
Introducing remote-styles: Conditional CSS loading made easy
As web developers, we often want to provide customized experiences to different users. Doing that often involves bloating stylesheets with a bunch of CSS that went unused for the majority of your…
remoto-style  css 
20 days ago
What does "revert" do in CSS? | CSS-Tricks
Miriam Suzanne has a Mozilla Developer video on the subject. The revert value is fairly new, supported in Firefox and Safari, but not yet in
css  weekly.rc 
20 days ago
How to Estimate Feature Development Time: Maybe Don't
One of the first questions developers and designers are asked when planning a new feature is "How long would that take?". But what do we gain from the answer?
engineering  estimate  weekly.rc 
20 days ago
Roles and relationships | Sarah Higley
Menus, trees, and grids, oh my! Debugging composite widget semantics with browser devtools.
css  weekly.rc 
20 days ago
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