Thanks for stopping us could not be happier with me.
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3 days ago
Sharing our videos, forever | Cooper Hewitt Labs
RT : New blogpost by on automating video publishing across exhibits, web and the collection
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9 days ago
LibraryOfCongress/gazetteer · GitHub
RT : Incredible: open sources their cutting edge geospatial gazetteer built by
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15 days ago
HTTP ponies | Cooper Hewitt Labs
what’s changed between then and now is that it’s more fun to say “HTTP pony” –
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17 days ago
Argument preview: Social media as a crime scene : SCOTUSblog
In next week’s case, the Supreme Court has the task of clarifying what a person “means to communicate” when speaking in terms of violence on the Internet, and also what constitutes “an intent” to commit the crime of making an illegal threat.

Basically, this case presents the Court with two choices — first, to look at the issue of intent from a subjective perspective, focusing on the speaker, or to look at it from an objective view, focusing on both the speaker and on a hypothetical “reasonable person” exposed to the message.

Anthony Elonis and his supporters argue that his postings on Facebook were not “true threats” because he actually had no “subjective intent to threaten another person.” If that is the test, a jury would have to make its own assessment of what an Internet user like Elonis did have in mind, examining the specific words used and their context.

The federal government and its supporters, however, argue that Elonis’s statements were judged — and should have been judged — by two measures: first, did he make his statements intentionally (without regard to what he was thinking), and, second, would “a reasonable person” read the words used and their context as conveying to the target of the message that they would be injured or killed?

The Court probably will be able to pick one of those outcomes without pausing to decide whether Elonis should have been free to speak out because he was discussing public policy questions; even his own lawyers say he was speaking only about his own, personal frustrations with life, but his forum was, indeed, a public one, one in which his words may well have been picked up and conveyed to a much wider audience than the specific people about whom Elonis wrote.

The effect of the decision that does emerge almost certainly would be felt in the very public space of such Internet sites as Facebook. For that reason, Elonis is running interference for the Internet as a whole, and especially for those sites where expression is robust, indeed. Much of the discussion in the case, in fact, is on the potential impact on the very provocative postings of rap music, and its fairly common idiom of violence.
scotus  law  motive  language 
20 days ago
Go wrapper for (image/graphics)magick
20 days ago
Thoughts on Google+ — Medium
When it comes right down to it, maybe I just don’t want to admit that I spent 3½ years working on something that will become irrelevant. Even if Google+ regains focus and simplifies its mission, I want to believe that we were working on something significant and that had an opinion about what the world should look like. Lately, I just feel like Google+ is confused and adrift at sea.
21 days ago
Fight Over Yahoo’s Use of Flickr Photos - WSJ
Yahoo’s plan to sell the images appears “a little shortsighted,” said Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, who left the company in 2008. “It’s hard to imagine the revenue from selling the prints will cover the cost of lost goodwill.”
21 days ago
A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: Zero Knowledge Proofs: An illustrated primer
One of the best things about modern cryptography is the beautiful terminology. You could start any number of punk bands (or Tumblrs) named after cryptography terms like 'hard-core predicate', 'trapdoor function', ' or 'impossible differential cryptanalysis'. And of course, I haven't even mentioned the one term that surpasses all of these. That term is 'zero knowledge'.

also, starting to think this is basically the technical version/basis of gibson's the peripheral...
crypto  language  motive  spacetime 
21 days ago
[messaging] Second thoughts on WhatsApp encryption
It's becoming clearer over time that holding or routing users personal communications is more of a liability than a profit centre. Targeting ads based on personal communications hardly works - people rarely talk about commercially relevant stuff via WhatsApp or iMessage or Facebook Messenger. Meanwhile, a few governments are getting upset that they Silicon Valley has all this information (and thus power) but isn't giving it to them on a silver platter. The recent notion in the British Parliament that tech companies should be simultaneously investigating all their users and hold the blame if ANY of them turn out to be a terrorist is highly similar to what governments did to banking in the 80's and 90's through the invention of anti-money laundering laws. Nobody in the tech industry wants to end up like HSBC; widely reviled because everyone "knows" they were involved in drug dealing and sanctions evasion (this isn't even remotely true). In this light, WhatsApp's move looks highly prescient. Currently there are no information laundering laws. It looks like things might be heading in that direction though, at least in some parts of the world. Better to make a stand now and put yourself in a position where you cannot possibly know what your users are doing, than end up with lots of data lying around and be retroactively found guilty by politicians for failing to do more. It won't change your profit margin much because this data was all useless for making money anyway, and it can help protect you in future, assuming you're based in America and CALEA holds.
network  security  crypto  whosonfirst 
22 days ago
Unicode Han Character 'net; web; network, net for catching rabbit' (U+4355)
also-er / it turns out there is a unicode han character for just that problem...
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22 days ago
cooperhewitt/go-ucd · GitHub
still not hardly enough to make up for the gloom / but now you can lookup unicode character data name in go...
cooperhewitt  golang  unicode  from twitter
23 days ago
Visualizing My Location History with Python, Shapely, and Basemap - Beneath Data
「on how to analyze your location history data and produce some cool maps to visualize how you spend your time. Of course, there are 1,000,001 more ways to utilize location history, but hopefully this post gives you the tools to pursue those other ideas. 」
visualization  geo  python  via:karlcow 
23 days ago
Shinseungback Kimyonghun: Aposematic Jacket
'Aposematic Jacket' is a wearable camera for self-defense. The lenses on the jacket give off the warning signal, “I can record you”, to prevent possible attack. When the wearer pushes a button under threat, the jacket records the scene in 360 degrees and sends the images to the Web.
camera  fashion  surveillance 
23 days ago
cooperhewitt/plumbing-ucd-server · GitHub
hardly enough to make up for the gloom / but if you've ever wanted to look up the name for a unicode character...
cooperhewitt  python  flask  unicode  from twitter
24 days ago
Satellite Delight
what if I made a bot, that mails me postcards of each post from
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26 days ago
(500) https://straup.github.io/clocks-www
there are many clocks but is mine / or is ’s still the only geocoder that returns timezone information ?
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28 days ago
Watch paper evolve with Moleskine and Adobe<sup>TM</sup> - Moleskine ®
"Draw on any page in the notebook and capture your image using the companion app powered by the Adobe Creative SDK. The special page markings help to optimize and process the image as a jpg file before converting it into an svg file."
papernet  walkingpapers  svg  adobe  moleskin 
28 days ago
cooperhewitt/tms-tools · GitHub
“We’re all in the TMS soup together”. Hey, - got any better solutions..?
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4 weeks ago
On Forgetting | inkdroid
As any archivist will tell you, forgetting is an essential and unavoidable part of the archive. Forgetting is the why of an archive. Negotiating what is to be remembered and by whom is the principal concern of the archive. Ironically it seems it’s the people who deserve it the least, those in positions of power, who are often most able to exercise their right to be forgotten. Maybe putting a value lever back in the hands of the people isn’t such a bad thing. If I were Twitter I’d highlight this in the API documentation. I think we are still learning how the contours of the Web fit into the archive. I know I am.
inkdroid  archive 
4 weeks ago
Friday Late - Victoria and Albert Museum
The inventor of Comic Sans is speaking at the V&A on the 28th - Comic Fucking Sans!!
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4 weeks ago
Opinion: Smile! You may be on camera
It is important to try to understand more fully the ways our lives are now intertwined with cameras. The key questions are no longer about means: We are all subject to being recorded, and most of us possess the ability to record. Instead, they are about motive: Who’s watching, and for what purposes? Unlike even a decade ago, when tensions flare today a camera is as likely to be used as a defense mechanism as it is a tool in the abuse of power. I remember well the woman who, several years ago, used her cell phone to photograph a flasher on the subway, leading to his arrest and his picture on the cover of a tabloid newspaper.
4 weeks ago
Python Patterns - Server-Sent Events - Tao of Mac
「Which is why I much prefer Server-Sent Events — it works fabulously for sending continuous updates to most browsers, and with the right polyfill it will fall back to polling even on extreme conditions like the server (or network) going away and returning.」
serversentevent  python  event  via:karlcow 
4 weeks ago
Internet Archive Search: subject:"space claw"
in advance of a proper blog post I have posted all the “space claw for mayor” drawings to the internet /
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4 weeks ago
Kelly: Sid the Kid saved hockey, and he’s as inscrutable as ever - The Globe and Mail
He was only 17. But he was already the achingly well-mannered, sharp-but-never-clever, old-timey-values pitchman he remains. Crosby is from Nova Scotia, but he was born inside one of those Canadian Heritage Moment ads.

You’d think it was all a bit perfect, if he hadn’t gone this long without ever once screwing it up. He really is this guy – this inscrutable, but unfailingly pleasant, cipher.

When a national newspaper chain got it badly wrong a few weeks ago and published a story claiming Crosby had been charged with a DUI, it didn’t start the usual online schadenfreude. What just about everyone said was, ‘Well, that must be wrong.’ And it was.

It’s hard to think of another athlete in any sport who would get that same benefit of the doubt. People know two things about Crosby – that he’s good at hockey and that he’s just plain good. It’s an article of Canadian faith.

Beyond the dinged-up clothes-dryer mythology, that’s all we really know. The hockey world is so taken with the idea of Crosby, no one wants to ruin it by asking too many questions.

Right now, he’s the best player in the NHL – not just in sum, but also on form. Leafs coach Randy Carlyle referred to him several times during his pregame talk, but never said his name. He’s Voldemort with a shy smile.
canadia  hockey  cultofpersonality 
4 weeks ago
Emacs Autotetris Mode « null program
did you think I was joking when I said the future of software preservation is teaching games to play themselves /
archive  emacs  tetris  from twitter
5 weeks ago
Apply for jobs at the V&A - Victoria and Albert Museum
RT : Come join the contemporary team . We're looking for an ace digital curator. Fun to be had.
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5 weeks ago
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