The Enterprise Media Distribution Platform At The End Of This Book
And it's not just libraries. I've felt this way before. This is how I feel about Facebook, in my personal life. But NYPL is the first place I've worked where I've had the power to push back against this default relationship.
3 days ago
Spelunker - Jumping into Who's On First · Mapzen
"How do we ensure that our work can outlast our endeavour?" —
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4 days ago
Blackfriday is a Markdown processor implemented in Go. It is paranoid about its input (so you can safely feed it user-supplied data), it is fast, it supports common extensions (tables, smart punctuation substitutions, etc.), and it is safe for all utf-8 (unicode) input.
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6 days ago
Fast parallel version of golang filepath.Walk()

Performs traversals in parallel so set GOMAXPROCS appropriately. Vaues of 8 to 16 seem to work best on my 4-CPU plus 4 SMT pseudo-CPU MacBookPro. The result is about 4x-6x the traversal rate of the standard Walk(). The two are not identical since we are walking the file system in a tumult of asynchronous walkFunc calls by a number of goroutines. So, take note of the following:
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6 days ago
The World is Yours – announcing Mapzen Search · Mapzen
RT : Mapzen’s geocoding strategy: “Whose world is this? The world is yours, the world is yours”
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8 days ago
This is a Python port of Google's libphonenumber library It supports Python 2.5-2.7 and Python 3.x (in the same codebase, with no 2to3 conversion needed).
python  phone 
9 days ago
Volkswagen’s Diesel Fraud Makes Critic of Secret Code a Prophet - The New York Times
This cheating was not discovered by the E.P.A., which sets emissions standards but tests only 10 to 15 percent of new cars annually, relying instead on “self certification” by auto manufacturers. The scam came to light when engineers at West Virginia University road-tested Volkswagen cars that had passed emission inspections. The cars, the engineers discovered, actually pumped out more pollutants when they were in the real world. Far from trying to make trouble for Volkswagen, the engineers had been hired by the International Council on Clean Transportation, a clean-air advocacy group that hoped to use Volkswagens to show European regulators how efficiently diesel cars could meet the strict emissions limits set by the United States.
9 days ago
iRobot Brings Visual Mapping and Navigation to the Roomba 980 - IEEE Spectrum
In this example, the VSLAM algorithm has picked out a bunch of features on a couch (corners of things are very distinctive), and the robot will remember what those features look like and keep track of them as it moves. The robot will continue to take pictures, detecting and tracking new features and gradually building up a picture-based map of its environment. To localize itself, however, the robot needs to combine that map with odometry, and iRobot has added a new sensor to the bottom of the Roomba 980 to collect that data (and we assume there are other sensors, like a gyro and IMU, as well).

Angle noted that “it’s very difficult to create a real usable map of the environment that you can build upon,” but that’s a capability that robots—not only vacuums but other types of home robots as well—will need. iRobot’s solution was to use a simple camera (it costs 75 cents, he said) and custom digital signal processors (instead of more expensive computers) to do VSLAM. “Now we can create digital representations of what a home looks like so our robots can be smarter.”

As far as VSLAM algorithms go, the Roomba has to be a little bit clever, because it frequently finds itself under tables and couches and beds, where tracking “features” in the environment gets harder. And if it reemerges someplace it hasn’t been before, it’s going to have to work up a new map, and then (hopefully) find some way of connecting the new map to the map that it had before to figure out where it is.
roomba  vslam  roboteyes 
13 days ago
Who's On First
Here's talking about who's on first at (and a banana)
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17 days ago
First Look: Brushes :: New Museum
the new museum... doing a show about painting... and the internet... never failing to disappoint...
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23 days ago
prettymaps (la) - 20x200
RT : Take a California road-trip—we already got you 's "prettymaps (la)":
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24 days ago
Experiment confirms that quantum mechanics scoffs at our local reality | Ars Technica
The whole process was horribly inefficient, with a success rate of 6.4 × 10−9, mostly because photons kept getting lost in the fiber optic cables. But, over the course of nine days, the setup managed to successfully entangle the nitrogen vacancies 245 times.
spacetime  quantummechanics  physics  whosonfirst  via:mapzen 
4 weeks ago
Mapzen SF Happy Hour Demo Time Tickets, San Francisco | Eventbrite
RT : Route your way to Mapzen SF Tuesday at 6 PM where we will serve tile-based food & answer your map & data questions!
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4 weeks ago
Five years, building a culture, and handing it off. — Medium
RT : Building a thing that can be handed off means … you eventually hand it off.
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4 weeks ago
USAJOBS - Search Jobs
RT : Now hiring web developers at Smithsonian Museum in DC! 😻 Join my team!
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4 weeks ago
Explore Museum Victoria's humanities and natural sciences collections
The cat's out of the bag - has a new collections online. We hope you like it!
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5 weeks ago
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