The Unquiet Sky - The New York Times
The slippage between the domestic and the threatening aspects of aerial surveillance is something the photographer Tomas van Houtryve has explored in his powerful project ‘‘Blue Sky Days.’’ The title comes from the testimony of a 13-year-old Pakistani boy whose grandmother was killed in a drone strike. ‘‘I no longer love blue skies,’’ the boy said, speaking before Congress. ‘‘In fact, I now prefer gray skies. The drones do not fly when the skies are gray.’’ Houtryve attached a camera to a small drone and traveled around the United States, making aerial photographs of the sorts of events that have been associated with intentional or erroneous drone strikes: funerals, weddings, groups of people at play, in prayer or during exercise. His images show Americans in the course of their daily lives, photographed from a great height, in bright sun that throws their distorted shadows far ahead of them, presenting them as unindividuated, vulnerable and human. Houtryve makes it clear that the people in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia or Afghanistan who are killed by American drones are also just like this. With simple, vivid means, Houtryve brings the war home.
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4 days ago
Your Git Repository in a Database: Pluggable Backends in libgit2
You can actually use a relational or a NoSQL database, or an in-memory data structure, or something like Amazon S3. This is made possible by the pluggable backends provided by the libgit2 library.
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4 days ago
OpenStreetMap | mkarau's diary | Tile Stitching...
Below is a shell script using graphicsmagick (can be easily adapted to imagemagick by simply removing gm from the two image-generation lines below) for stitching together downloaded tile sets into one large PNG.
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4 days ago
Unexpected lessons with technology in museums #1 | Fresh & New(er)
RT : New short blogpost, first in a series - Unexpected lessons with technology in museums | Fresh & New(er)
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9 days ago
Fix object ID 6931 (436.1976) by straup · Pull Request #1 · MuseumofModernArt/collection · GitHub
one day a security guard will ask you to stand 18 inches away from my pull requests – 
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12 days ago
Print The Exhibition – The Label Book Generator | Cooper Hewitt Labs
RT @cooperhewittlab: Our summer intern @ayhamghraowi launches the (alpha) Label Book Generator. Responsive exhibition text! #musetech
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19 days ago
Unicode 8.0.0
The planned date of publication for the core specification is August 26, 2015.
20 days ago
Our Magna Carto · Mapzen
RT : Mapzen’s Magna Carto: why we insist on using open software and open data
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28 days ago
A Daily Dose of Architecture: Book and Exhibition Review: Making and Provocations
In the foreground of the photo above is one of the interactive tables sprinkled about the museum. Here visitors can use the pens they picked up at the entrance to "interact" with the exhibition and the museum's collection. Visitors take the pen and click the "+" on the back of it with a matching "+" by the piece they want the pen to remember for later. The problem at Provocations is that the interactive "+"s are limited to signs, like the one below, that lay out the plan of the exhibition but are found in only a few places around the exhibition. Therefore, one cannot click the pen when looking at a model or a photograph; it can only be done after finding the layout sign and then orienting oneself to the appropriate number.
cooperhewitt  museum  thepen 
28 days ago
Music acts are coming to Marriott hotels to attract millennials - LA Times
Several small hotel brands, including Aloft, have turned their lobbies into small concert venues for local and lesser-known musical acts. Marriott International, one of the world’s biggest hotel companies, is taking this idea a step further by partnering with Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music company, to arrange performances in hotel lobbies by established and emerging musicians.
4 weeks ago
Nelson's Weblog: culture / cooper-hewitt-the-pen
"Aaron's mystical belief in the power of integer IDs is justified. The ID is the bolt that connects the museum’s curation expertise to the rest of the world."
cooperhewitt  thepen  nelson  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago
Exception Monitoring and Response - GitHub Engineering
Why didn't you use an existing open source project and when will you open source Haystack?

Haystack has existed in some form or another since ~2009. I don't recall what the ecosystem was like then, but it wasn't what it is today. When we started working on updating Haystack in early 2012, we were focused on improving on our existing application. Over the years we've made a lot of changes to Haystack, many changes tied to other internal applications and the way we work, to get what you see today. The value of Haystack comes from the deep integration into our systems so it would be difficult to open-source, but we hope you can apply similar patterns to your infrastructure for better monitoring, alerting, and debugging.
github  monitoring 
6 weeks ago
100 days | Cooper Hewitt Labs
it turns out people like to bookmark things —
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6 weeks ago
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