[this is aaronland] the fragility of effort
“one of the burdens of the present is being forced to pay the cost of someone else's near-future opportunity” – 
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2 days ago
InformaCam: Verified Mobile Media | The Guardian Project
Our approach is to create an app that leverages the sensors used in modern smartphones create a “snapshot” of the environment in which a piece of media is captured. This information is used, along with a digital “fingerprint” of the cameraphone sensor, to sign the video or image and ensure that the media hasn’t been tampered. It also verifies that it was captured by a specific device at a specific time and place.
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7 days ago
cooperhewitt/js-cooperhewitt-images · GitHub
RT : we've cleaned up and released some of the code we use to display images on the collections site - go get it!
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23 days ago
The Realities of Installing iBeacon to Scale - BKM TECH
RT : Here we go. The realities of installing to scale for - lots of real world issues...
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23 days ago
NYC Space/Time Directory
RT : Announcing our next big project: The NYC Space/Time Directory!

We're winners of News Challenge!
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28 days ago
RIDONKEST - 20x200
RT : Bask in CA sunshine with 's prettymaps (sfba) at an unbelievable 40% off!
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29 days ago
Eric Fischer: ascii
The troff source for my old "The Evolution of Character Codes, 1874-1968" paper written for IEEE Annals of the History of Computing.
4 weeks ago
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