[this is aaronland] I will be your vision shadow
RT : Thinking about the Mapzen gazeteer that wrote about & realizing it would be useful for books data
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3 days ago
A family of styles with many flavours: Introducing Refill, Cinnabar, and Zinc styles for Tangram · Mapzen
RT : Introducing our new map styles, Refill, Cinnabar & Zinc, each with 3 flavours, ready to use!
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10 days ago
Who’s On First · Mapzen
Favorite word learned last week: "gazetteer"
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11 days ago
[this is aaronland] did I mention it vibrates?
the just acquired the yellow jump suits belonging to a pair of fictional meth cooks / all I can say is
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15 days ago
Major improvements to all shapes in Mapillary
RT : [BLOG] Major improvements to the Mapillary shapes, thanks to !
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15 days ago
Appreciating the art on display at MSP after thought provoking presentation on…
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19 days ago
thisisaaronland/tgn-meta · GitHub
am I the only who's ever wondered how many places in TGN are underwater...
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21 days ago
🕳 Hole Emoji
A round, cartoon-style hole in the ground. May be used in the context of "crawling into a hole" in a shameful or embarrassing situation.
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24 days ago
The purpose of mordecai is to accept text and return structured geographic information in return. It does this in several ways:

It uses MITIE to extract placenames from the text. In the default configuration, it uses the out-of-the-box MITIE models, but these can be changed out for custom models when needed.

It uses word2vec's models, with gensim's awesome Python wrapper, to infer the country focus of an article given the word vectors of the article's placenames.

It uses a country-filtered search of the geonames gazetteer in Elasticsearch (with some custom logic) to find the lat/lon for each place mentioned in the text.

It runs as a Flask-RESTful service.
geo  python  nlp  flask  mitie  via:mapzen 
24 days ago
Mapping Neighborhoodness — Medium
"While the city does have an official set of neighborhoods, they don’t dare draw lines on the reference map. It would only invite dispute."
whosonfirst  geo  boston  via:mapzen 
4 weeks ago
How MOO coupled product innovation with mass manufacturing — MOO Paper+
"We had discovered a flaw in the design of the NFC readers which was compounded by very cheap USB cables where the manufacturer had skimped on the amount of copper in the wires of the cable itself, and it formed a sub-standard electrical connection."
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4 weeks ago
How MOO coupled product innovation with mass manufacturing — MOO Paper+ — Medium
RT : My epic engineering post about how we developed NFC business cards at is now up. Lots of tech detail included.
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5 weeks ago
whosonfirst/go-whosonfirst-pip · GitHub
internets / we made you an experimental reverse geocoder that eats an arbitrary bag of who's on first documents —
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6 weeks ago
does this mean government club can get href="javascript:;" links as a service for all its websites / like on ?
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6 weeks ago
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