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Do you use paper towels as napkins at the dinner table? You are not alone. - The Washington Post
The use of paper napkins has been declining for 20 years. According to Georgia-Pacific statistics, six out of 10 households purchased paper napkins on a regular basis 15 years ago; today it’s slightly more than four out of 10. Nirenberg says that one of the major reasons is that millennials, who are into simplifying their lives, are using paper towels for many purposes, and leaving napkins off the list because “it’s one less thing to buy.”

“Millennials eat more on the go, they eat more meals away from home and less around a table.” he says. And if they’re eating at the kitchen island, there’s usually a paper towel roll at the ready.

“We are trying to figure out how to develop napkin holders that appeal to a younger generation,” he says. “If you put them in a holder, you are more likely to grab them.”
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