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Publishers, We Need To Talk: Text From Dog Gets A Book Deal | TechCrunch
"can we agree that we’re going to stop turning Tumblrs into books? Anyone? Yeah, I know. Soundtracks for books sounds amazing, but can we focus? Anyone? A promise?"
booktwo  tumblr  books  techcrunch 
july 2012 by stml
Erotic Romance: Forever Amber/309--now plagiarising dead people
"These public domain short stories so they could reissue them. But taking the book, changing it a little and claiming authorship under a new name is not legitimate."
amazon  kindle  booktwo  plagiarism  publicdomain  reissue 
july 2012 by stml
‘Robo-pricing’ risks Amazon price crash - Telegraph
Waiting for the flash crash in the book market: (via @benterrett)
booktwo  amazon  pricing  algorithms  flashcrash 
july 2012 by stml
(not) a trailer for The Purple Shroud « Not Writing But Blogging
"But – I do not want to make a video about why I’d like you to read my book. I am a book writer, I am not a video maker.... I am a writer. Here are some words." Why is this still so hard?
booktwo  trailer  video  writing  stelladuffy 
june 2012 by stml
Row erupts over simplified 'Ulysses' - National News -
Expect to see a lot more of this kind of thing: edits, reversions, remastered editions. "Whose edit did you read?"
booktwo  revision  edit  remaster  editor  ulysses  joyce 
june 2012 by stml
War and Nookd :: The Future of the Internet — And How to Stop It
"The Nook version of War and Peace had changed every instance of “kindle” or “kindled” into “Nook” and “Nookd,” not just on Philip’s copy, but on ours too." This, basically. via DanW.
booktwo  kindle  nook  robots  searchandreplace  warandpeace 
june 2012 by stml
Bookseller calls for Hay e-reader ban | The Bookseller
"Kindles have no place at this festival which is supposed to be a celebration of the written word—and books. Booksellers definitely want them banned. You see people walking around with Kindles and they are like robots in another world. Books are sociable and people stop and talk to each other about them. Kindles are just a phase and they won't last. They are our enemy." They are your enemy; they have already won.
amazon  kindle  bookseller  bookselling  ereaders  hay  booktwo 
june 2012 by stml
Joho the Blog » Digital Differences – a Pew survey
"88% of American adults have a cell phone, 57% have a laptop, 19% own an e-book reader, and 19% have a tablet computer; about six in ten adults (63%) go online wirelessly with one of those devices. Gadget ownership is generally correlated with age, education, and household income, although some devices—notably e-book readers and tablets—are as popular or even more popular with adults in their thirties and forties than young adults ages 18-29."
booktwo  ereader  ereaders  statistics  numbers 
april 2012 by stml
Worldreader: Kindles and E-books in Schools
"Worldreader gives kids in the developing world access to digital books. Using e‑readers loaded with thousands of local and international e-books, we provide children the books they want and need, so they can improve their lives."
booktwo  books  ebooks  education  kindle  mobile 
april 2012 by stml
Amazon at the London Book Fair | Melville House Books

booktwo  books  mhp  lbf  london  amazon  publishing 
april 2012 by stml
E-Book backup : Jesse England
"E-book backup is a physical, tangible, human readable copy of an electronically stored novel."
booktwo  ebook  backup  print  text 
april 2012 by stml
Will Hachette Be The First Big-6 Publisher To Drop DRM On E-Books? | paidContent
DRM “doesn’t stop anyone from pirating,” ... “There’s a misconception that somehow the digital format of books has made piracy increase, or become logarithmically more serious. But piracy was always very easy to do, because scanning a physical copy of a book [takes] a matter of minutes. A physical book doesn’t have DRM on it." - Hachette SVP digital Maja Thomas
booktwo  hachette  publishing  ebooks  drm 
march 2012 by stml
Wikipedia Didn't Kill Britannica. Windows Did | Epicenter |
"Print will survive. Books will survive even longer. It’s print as a marker of prestige that’s dying."
booktwo  wikipedia  britannica  print 
march 2012 by stml
Amazon to follow Apple with the opening of retail stores | The Wall Blog
[bk2 Link] Amazon to follow Apple with the opening of retail stores | The Wall Blog
booktwo  amazon  shop  physical  bricksandmortar 
february 2012 by stml
The self-epublishing bubble | Ewan Morrison | Books |
[bk2 Link] The self-epublishing bubble | Ewan Morrison | Books |
booktwo  ebooks  selfpub 
january 2012 by stml
Jonathan Franzen: e-books are damaging society - Telegraph
Another milestone in the popular acceptance of ebooks: Telegraph commenters overwhelmingly on-side.
booktwo  ebooks  franzen  telegraph 
january 2012 by stml
Apple's mind-bogglingly greedy and evil license agreement | ZDNet
[bk2 Link] Apple's mind-bogglingly greedy and evil license agreement | ZDNet
booktwo  ibooks  apple  eula  lega  ebooks 
january 2012 by stml
Confessions of a Publisher: “We’re in Amazon’s Sights and They’re Going to Kill Us” | PandoDaily
[bk2 Link] Confessions of a Publisher: “We’re in Amazon’s Sights and They’re Going to Kill Us” | PandoDaily
amazon  books  business  ebooks  publishing  booktwo 
january 2012 by stml
Waterstones dumps rebrand and apostrophe - Creative Review
'Waterstones' new MD James Daunt ... claims that the brand is now "deserving of a capital 'W' and a font that reflects authority and confidence."'
booktwo  waterstones  branding 
january 2012 by stml
If SOPA passes, you can kiss UbuWeb goodbye.
Not sure what to do about this as a Brit, but still. SOPA finally comes home to roost on my interests.
booktwo  sopa  act  action  censorship  ubuweb 
january 2012 by stml
Mysterious paper sculptures « Central Station v2
Someone has been leaving amazing book sculptures around Edinburgh
booktwo  art  book  books  scotland  edinburgh  sculpture 
january 2012 by stml
Barnes & Noble Aims to Separate Nook Biz With an Eye for Global Markets | Epicenter |
"As for what W H Smith was doing with Kobo? Horner said she hadn’t had a chance to pop into a W H Smith while she was in the UK. Message received. ... A company like Waterstone’s will probably want more than a skim off the top of in-store Nook sales. They’d want an investment in and some direction over the future of the platform. Creating a separate company devoted to international e-reading, with investment from Waterstone’s, other bookstores, and investors looking to cash in on the e-reader boom may be how that partnership happens."
booktwo  barnesandnoble  kobo  nook  waterstones  uk 
january 2012 by stml
Kindle beats books to be crowned eReader of Christmas | T3
"The Amazon Kindle has been firmly crowned as the eReader of Christmas for the UK with YouGov publishing figures suggesting that of the approximate 1.33 million eReaders bought, 92 per cent of them were the Amazon Kindle."
amazon  kindle  ereader  ereaders  christmas  uk  booktwo 
january 2012 by stml
Best of 2011 (not from 2011) « Snarkmarket
"When everything collapses into the “This Week” tab on iTunes, we’re in trouble. It’s vital that we dig in the crates, wander the stacks, and share what we find, because a) there’s great stuff in those crates, and b) if we keep this practice alive, it means somebody might find us on a dusty shelf decades from now."
booktwo  reading  2011  lists  history  stacks 
january 2012 by stml
Tim Carmody: Next year, Kindles, iPhones, and tablets will truly grow up » Nieman Journalism Lab
"If I could make an analogy, 2011 for reading devices was like the first color/video iPod. 2012 will be the iPhone year. It seems like we made big leaps forward only because we don’t actually know what the real leap forward looks like yet."
booktwo  timcarmody  ereader  ereading  kindle  nook  devices  technology 
december 2011 by stml
Why Amazon Is The Best Strategic Player In Tech - Forbes
(This is hideously depressing, and true. An indictment of everything, but particularly the idea of tech companies who think they are a "business".)
booktwo  amazon  business  company  companies  capitalism  pr 
december 2011 by stml
Exclusive: Amazon weighed buying RIM but interest cooled | Reuters
[bk2 Link] Exclusive: Amazon weighed buying RIM but interest cooled | Reuters
booktwo  amazon  rim  blackberry  business 
december 2011 by stml
Amazon Doesn't Care About Your Local Bookstore | Epicenter |
"Amazon didn’t happen to your local independent bookstore; America happened to your local bookstore, from television to Waldenbooks."
amazon  bookstores  retail  bookshops  local  booktwo 
december 2011 by stml
The Future of Writing - Microsoft Research
[bk2 Link] The Future of Writing - Microsoft Research
booktwo  design  fiction  microsoft  research  writing  rca 
december 2011 by stml
Boyd Tonkin: Digital guests at the literary feast - Features - Books - The Independent
A little too sneering, but not wrong about the clash of cultures occurring, which doesn't help anyone.
booktwo  publishing  boydtonkin  independent  shorts  books  boxfiction 
december 2011 by stml
Leaked Document: Hachette Explains Why Publishers Are Relevant | Digital Book World
It's not rocket science, but it's good that this statement is being made. Er, leaked.
booktwo  publishing  publisher  hachette 
december 2011 by stml
The Truth About Amazon Publishing, Part II | paidContent
Some good research. The one tremulous hope is that Amazon finds trade publishing as hard as the rest of us.
booktwo  amazon  publishing 
december 2011 by stml
Daunt is wrong: Amazon is no devil - Telegraph
Daunt is wrong (although not necessarily about Amazon). In particular, he doesn't seem to have any understanding of the conditions under which the Nook has succeeded, nor the necessity of doing something about it. Fast.
booktwo  bookselling  waterstones  jamesdaunt 
december 2011 by stml
Tim Coates' ebook retail startup.
booktwo  ebooks  retail  bookselling  timcoates 
december 2011 by stml
Tim Coates to Launch International E-bookstore, Bilbary
Potentially exciting; a start-up in ebook retail that promises to be publisher and consumer friendly.
booktwo  ebooks  retail  bookselling  timcoates  bilbary 
december 2011 by stml
Amazon warehouse gears up for Christmas rush on Cyber Monday | Technology | The Guardian
"This "world-leading online retailer," as Salmond put it, is getting a big hand from taxpayers: £6.3m is available to the Dunfermline warehouse in Scottish Enterprise grants while Amazon's three Scottish centres are also being assisted by £4.3m of grants and training awards from Scottish Enterprise, which is funded by the Scottish government."
booktwo  amazon  scotland  tax  government  finance 
december 2011 by stml
E-book DRM Plays Into Amazon's Hands - Charlie Stross
Spot on: publishers really need to encourage other platforms, and at the moment they're doing the opposite.
booktwo  ebook  ebooks  amazon  drm 
november 2011 by stml
Tom McCarthy: My desktop | Books |
A near-perfect update to the Guardian's "writer's rooms" series.
booktwo  tommcarthy  writing  computer  desktop 
november 2011 by stml
Kindle Annotations Lost in Book Update - Michael Tsai - Blog
And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why we need Open Bookmarks. (via Max)
booktwo  kindle  annotations  openbookmarks 
november 2011 by stml
Monday Midday News: Penguin Pulls Out of Overdrive - Dear Author
This industry deserves to die if it keeps doing things like this to its readers.
booktwo  penguin  ebooks  overdrive 
november 2011 by stml
Occupy Wall Street Library Evicted - GalleyCat
[bk2 Link] Occupy Wall Street Library Evicted - GalleyCat
booktwo  occupy  newyork  occupynewyork  library 
november 2011 by stml
Wired on Kindle Fire: Is This Really the Tablet Everyone’s Talking About?
[bk2 Link] Wired on Kindle Fire: Is This Really the Tablet Everyone’s Talking About?
booktwo  amazon  kindle  fire  review  wired 
november 2011 by stml
Hot books for cool readers: Serpent's Tail at 25 is still the publisher with bite - Features - Books - The Independent
[bk2 Link] Hot books for cool readers: Serpent's Tail at 25 is still the publisher with bite - Features - Books ...
booktwo  serpentstail  peteayrton  literature  publishing 
november 2011 by stml
Japanese E-Commerce Company Rakuten Buys E-Reading Platform Kobo For $315M In Cash | TechCrunch
[bk2 Link] Japanese E-Commerce Company Rakuten Buys E-Reading Platform Kobo For $315M In Cash | TechCrunch
booktwo  ebooks  kobo 
november 2011 by stml
Kindle lending, a right or a liberty? | FutureBook
"Amazon announced earlier this week that Kindle owners who subscribe to its Amazon Prime programme will now be able to download one free e-book a month from a selection of 5,000 titles in the library. According to the Wall Street Journal the new service, called Kindle Owners' Lending Library, is intended to drive Kindle device sales. The books cannot be accessed via apps on other devices, which means it won't work on the iPad or iPhone." It begins. Publishers would be advised to do deals rather than moan, but why change the habit of several lifetimes?
booktwo  kindle  amazon  library  lending  streaming  ebooks 
november 2011 by stml
How Freemium Self-published Fiction Is Taking Over China | Publishing Perspectives
[bk2 Link] How Freemium Self-published Fiction Is Taking Over China | Publishing Perspectives
booktwo  china  selfpublishing  publishing 
november 2011 by stml
Clive Thompson on Why Kids Can't Search | Magazine
Digital literacy, critical thinking and the myth of the "digital native" are critical to everything we're doing.
booktwo  search  digital  literacy  culture  education  kids 
november 2011 by stml
The New Patterns of Culture: Slow, Fast & Spiky « TEST
Mistaking nostalgia for business advice. Excellent piece from Matt Locke: please read.
booktwo  attention  culture  trends  nostalgia 
november 2011 by stml
"a metadata server that gathers library metadata from multiple institutions and makes it available through open APIs and as Linked Open Data. The aim is to make everything libraries know available to the full Web ecosystem."
booktwo  library  cloud  api  metadata  books  linkeddata  data 
november 2011 by stml
Amazon takeover of Book Depository 'threatens future of bookselling' | Books |
IANAL, but it does seem like exactly the kind of thing a monopoly commission exists to prevent...
booktwo  amazon  bookdepository  bookselling 
november 2011 by stml
Digital Books: A New Chapter for Reader Privacy | ACLUNC dotRights
Primer on digital rights and responsibilities from the ACLU, as presented by Nicole Ozer at Books in Browsers. Issues that will be crucial for social reading services.
booktwo  aclu  privacy  rights  books  digital 
october 2011 by stml
Where are all the Editorial Experience designers?
Khoi Vinh on editorial UX: just as important for ebooks. And I'd argue that it's not necessarily time we need, just a better understanding of the material.
booktwo  editorial  design  khoivinh 
october 2011 by stml
Kobo to become a publisher
Another ebook supplier goes direct to authors.
booktwo  kobo  publishing 
october 2011 by stml
Mobnotate: Your Book. Your Yoice. Publish Now!!
Adding media enhancements to ebooks through machine intelligence + human (crowd) curation.
booktwo  ebooks  annotation  socialreading  enhanced  machineintelligence 
october 2011 by stml
Paradise Regained « Snarkmarket
"This is honest-to-goodness digital humanism, from start to finish. 113 baud keyboards. IBM punch cards. All caps and no punctuation — like a real Latin text!"
booktwo  culture  ebooks  digitisation  gutenberg  etext 
october 2011 by stml
Free Market Threatens Diversity, Says Former CEO of Borders UK | Publishing Perspectives
Nothing to do with the deep discounting previously promoted by chains like Borders of course.
booktwo  bookselling  borders  amazon  publishing 
october 2011 by stml
Another digital imprint: Scott Pack and books that "deserve to be published".
booktwo  harpercollins  authonomy  digital  scottpack 
october 2011 by stml
Library books defaced by prankster playwright Joe Orton go on show | Stage | The Guardian
[bk2 Link] Library books defaced by prankster playwright Joe Orton go on show | Stage | The Guardian
2011  exhibition  books  design  joeorton  booktwo  art  islington 
october 2011 by stml
Bookride: The Non Non-Book / Half Book, Half Biscuit
"The book above on Scams in Intellectual Property is so close to the bone that it may signify that the publisher actually does not know what they are offering. Another major non non-book player 'Books LLC' also out of Germany and responsible for 200,000+ such books, has a book on this style of publishing and the Wikipedia article is less than friendly towards the enterprise. Such a programme could, in theory, generate an infinite number of books."
booktwo  algorithm  printing  pod  automated  publishing 
october 2011 by stml
David Hepworth's Blog: Anyone who says they can't work their mobile or their Mac is just trying to draw attention to themselves
"I don't however pretend that I don't understand it or that it's operating on some level beyond my competence because I haven't passed the right exams or I began my education too late. Anything that's been taken up by millions of people all over the world can not be difficult to understand."
booktwo  davidhepworth  technology  design  neophobia 
october 2011 by stml
Frankenfont | Fathom
"An edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein laid out using characters and glyphs from PDF documents obtained through internet searches. The incomplete fonts found in the PDFs were reassembled into the text of Frankenstein based on their frequency of use. The most common characters are employed at the beginning of the book, and the text devolves into less common, more grotesque shapes and forms toward the end." Printed via Blurb - more artbooks in POD.
art  book  fonts  pdf  booktwo 
october 2011 by stml
Chris Ware's iPad-Only Comic, "Touch Sensitive," Perfects the Form | Co. Design
[bk2 Link] Chris Ware's iPad-Only Comic, "Touch Sensitive," Perfects the Form | Co. Design
booktwo  comics  chrisware  ipad  design  app 
october 2011 by stml
IN FULL: Julian Assange: Statement on the Unauthorised, Secret Publishing of the Julian Assange “autobiography” by Canongate
[bk2 Link] IN FULL: Julian Assange: Statement on the Unauthorised, Secret Publishing of the Julian Assange “auto...
booktwo  wikileaks  assange  canongate  publishing 
september 2011 by stml
At its best, digital design is choreography - O'Reilly Radar
"Text can be fluid and responsive — it can reshuffle itself due to display size, orientation, or user interaction. Our job is not to dictate where words on a virtual page must be, but instead to guide them to where they should be." — Liza Daly
lizadaly  threepress  booktwo  bib  interview  digital  design  typesetting 
september 2011 by stml
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