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[X-Men] The Last Spartan - dvs
The Xavier mansion has a surprise visitor in the form of an ancient warrior.
long  charles/erik  xmen  crossover  hilarious 
december 2011 by stlkrchck
[Temeraire] [Political RPS] Services to the Crown - melannen
In shich the Aerial Corps decides to give all its spare dragon eggs to members of Parliament, and Nick Clegg looks good in green.
temeraire  gen  crossover 
december 2011 by stlkrchck
In Which Latin Is Abused - amusewithaview
In at least one universe, Rupert Giles became a fighter pilot. Brilliant story about Giles in the Temeraire universe.
BtVS  temeraire  gen  crossover  vshort 
november 2011 by stlkrchck

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