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Viettel launches Tanzanian operations under Halotel brand
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Africa  Tanzania  Viettel  2015  AfTerFibre  fibre  optic  infrastructure 
4 days ago by stevesong
NamPower, Paratus collaborate on network connection - The Namibian
NAMPOWER and Paratus Africa have on Monday afternoon signed a commercial agreement on the utility's new fibre optics, 'The Grid Online.'
Africa  Namibia  2019  Paratus  NamPower  AfTerFibre  terrestrial  fibre  optic  network  partnership 
23 days ago by stevesong
Seacom to Double Capacity, Light up FibreCo Assets - SubTel Forum
Submarine cable operator Seacom is looking to double its capacity this year and looking to light up recently-acquired FibreCo assets in SA.
Africa  undersea  2019  fibre  optic  cable  Seacom  capacity  litcapacity 
4 weeks ago by stevesong
Chad: SUDATCHAD commissioned to manage N’Djamena-Adré fiber optics network - Ecofin Agency
SUDATCHAD will take care of the technical, commercial and financial management of the N’Djamena-Adré fiber optics network, Chad decided during its
Chad  Africa  2019  AfTerFibre  SUDATCHAD  terrestrial  fibre  optic  network  infrastructure 
4 weeks ago by stevesong
Govt inaugurates N’Djamena-Adre cable, lifts blockade on social media
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Chad  Africa  2019  AfTerFibre  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infastructure  network 
4 weeks ago by stevesong
GVA halves cost of entry-level FTTH offer in Togo
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Africa  Togo  2019  FTTH  GVA  fibre  optic  infrastructure 
5 weeks ago by stevesong
TEOLIS rolls out network to 80% of Grand Lome
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Africa  Togo  TEOLIS  FTTH  2019  fibre  optic  infrastructure 
5 weeks ago by stevesong
AAE-1 Cable System Launches for Service - Submarine Networks
AAE-1 Consortium announced on June 23rd that the majority of AAE-1 cable system has been launched for commercial service.
Africa  undersea  fibre  optic  cable  AAE-1  live  RFS  2017 
7 weeks ago by stevesong
Liquid spearheads South Sudan's first fibre network - ITWeb Africa

MultiChoice begins with consultation process

wants to talk
Consultation with call centre staff.
ITWeb Africa

Tuesday, Jul 02nd

South Africa
More countries
Burkina Faso
Cape Verde
Central African Republic
Africa  2019  SouthSudan  AfTerFibre  african  terrestrial  fibre  optic  network 
7 weeks ago by stevesong
CrowdFiber | Geomarketing solution for telecom
CrowdFiber is the geomarketing and sales automation platform for telecom. Evaluate your market, deploy demand campaigns, target marketing by geo including email, direct mail, referrals, and signatures. Supports B2B sales management and communication dashboard with prospects, new signups, and customers. Fully integrated map-based marketing.
fibre  demand  aggregation  crowdsourcing  optic  network  ftth  B4SS 
7 weeks ago by stevesong
COS Systems - Provider of IT Solutions for Planning and Operating Fiber Networks
COS Systems Enables Network Owners and Operators to Profitably Design, Deploy and Manage Networks.
fibre  demand  aggregation  crowdsourcing  optic  network  ftth  B4SS 
7 weeks ago by stevesong
Bénin : Isocel lance officiellement à Sémé City la 1 ère phase de déploiement de son réseau en fibre optique
ISOCEL lance officiellement la 1ère phase de déploiement de son réseau en fibre optique à Cotonou. La cérémonie de lancement a eu lieu à l’Agence de
Africa  Benin  FTTH  FTTP  fibre  optic  infastructure  Isocel  2019 
7 weeks ago by stevesong
Gamtel launches new fibre range over National Broadband Network
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Gamtel  Gambia  Africa  2019  FTTH  fibre  optic  infrastructure 
8 weeks ago by stevesong
Ethio telecom, Djibouti telecom to use railway communication fiber for telecom services -
On 31 May 2019, Ethio Telecom announced that it had agreed with Djibouti Telecom to use the fibre optic cable deployed along the Ethio-Djibouti Railway for telecommunication services. The 784-km railway runs from the Ethiopian capital city Addis Ababa to the port city of Djibouti via Dire Dawa and Dewele. This will be a fourth international fibre link between Ethiopia and Djibouti. There are already two cross-border fibre links via Dewele, and a third via Galafi. Ethio Telecom now has multiple cross-border fibre optic routes to submarine cables, via Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya. Ethiopia’s total international bandwidth reached 37.5 Gbps in December 2016 (see Ethiopia: Ethio Telecom’s Fibre Backbone Increases To 21,178-km, International Bandwidth Reaches 37.5 Gbps During 2016). This was split between 17.4 Gbps supplied by terrestrial fibre optic routes via Sudan, 14.9 Gbps via Djibouti, and 4.9 Gbps via Kenya, a total cross-border fibre bandwidth of 37.2 Gbps.
Africa  2019  Ethiopia  Djibouti  railway  fibre  optic  infrastructure  AfTerFibre  terrestrial 
11 weeks ago by stevesong
Kenya to invest US$59-million in DARE submarine cable system - ITWeb Africa
East African country connects to fifth such system in a bid to boost its data capacity.
Africa  Kenya  undersea  fibre  optic  cable  infrastructure  DARE  2019 
11 weeks ago by stevesong
MainOne set to commit $70m to the digitisation of Lagos - Data Economy
West African data centre solutions provider MainOne announces the launch of its “Digital Lagos: Broadband for All” campaign initiative.
Africa  Nigeria  MainOne  2019  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure  AfTerFibre  FTTH 
may 2019 by stevesong
Kenya working on fifth submarine cable
Robert Mugo told the star that besides DARE two more cables are in the offing.
DARE  undersea  fibre  optic  cable  infrastructure  Africa  2019 
may 2019 by stevesong
China Spying: The Internet's Underwater Cables Are Next - Bloomberg
Worried about Huawei’s 5G? Wait till it gets into the game for 95 percent of all data and voice traffic.
cables  huawei  china  undersea  spying  fibre  optic  international 
may 2019 by stevesong
Uganda: President Yoweri Museveni launches fourth phase of national backbone’s construction - Ecofin Agency
On May 11, 2019, Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni officially launched the fourth phase of the national backbone’s construction in Koboko.
Uganda  Africa  2019  AfTerFibre  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure  NITA  NITA-U  Huawei  WorldBank 
may 2019 by stevesong
NITA Uganda Extends Internet To West Nile, Uganda - PC Tech Magazine
The Government of Uganda through NITA Uganda finalized the extension of internet connectivity in the West Nile region in attendance of President Museveni.
Uganda  Africa  2019  AfTerFibre  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure  NITA  NITA-U  Huawei  WorldBank 
may 2019 by stevesong
Galaxy Backbone completes phase one of fibre cables deployment in Federal Secretariats - - The leading online technology blog in Nigeria
NICTIB is a Federal Government project that is delivered through Galaxy Backbone and financed with a China EXIM Bank facility.
AfTerFibre  NICTIB  Nigeria  terrestrial  fibre  optic  backbone  2018 
may 2019 by stevesong
Millions misused in Congo fiber optic line construction: report - Reuters
Millions of dollars were misused in the first phase of a project to build a national fiber optic network in Democratic Republic of Congo, a parliamentary mission has found.
2015  Africa  DRC  AfTerFibre  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure 
april 2019 by stevesong
Safaricom fixed internet rises to 30pc, Zuku loses - Business Daily
Up to September last year the telco said it had 5,500 kilometres of fibre laid down. It said more than 200,000 homes had been passed with FTTH while 2,000 buildings had been passed with FTTB.
Africa  Kenya  2019  AfTerFibre  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure  FTTH 
april 2019 by stevesong
Finland's Arctic Data Cable Set to Disrupt Global Connectivity | Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Finland has a bold plan to short circuit the global network of maritime data cables that make up the circulatory system of the global economy. The idea is straightforward: build a cable north to the Arctic Ocean, then swing east along the Arctic coast of Russia and on to East Asia and Alaska. Once completed, this cable link could as much as double Internet connection speeds between Asia and Europe and – here’s the kicker – the thousands of kilometers of cable involved in this project...
China  Finland  undersea  fibre  optic  infrastructure  investment  beltandroad  2018 
april 2019 by stevesong
Submarine Cable Almanac - Submarine Telecoms Forum
The Submarine Cable Almanac features each major submarine cable system with a system map, landing points, system capacity, length and other valuable data.
undersea  fibre  optic  cables  almanac  subtelforum  submarine 
april 2019 by stevesong
America’s Undersea Battle With China for Control of the Global Internet Grid - WSJ
Chinese company Huawei is embedding itself into cable systems that ferry nearly all of the world’s internet data.
undersea  fibre  optic  infrastructure  2019  ownership  huawei 
april 2019 by stevesong
Paratus Group invests US$14-million in Trans-Kalahari project - ITWeb Africa
Company says there is a need to increase capacity to Zambia due to increasing local demand for data, internet.
Namibia  Africa  AfTerFibre  TransKalahari  2019  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure 
march 2019 by stevesong
[Press Release] President Commissions The TelOne Beitbridge-Masvingk-Harare Fibre Link - Techzim
TelOne has cut the ribbon on their fibre backbone link and they hope anticipate that they can reduce internet cost by 40%
Africa  AfTerFibre  2019  Zimbabwe  TelOne  fibre  optic  infrastructure  terrestrial  China  eximbank 
march 2019 by stevesong
Namibia: NamPower enters the internet segment - Ecofin Agency
NamPower, Namibian national electricity firm, has decided to diversify its operations to contribute to the population's wellbeing. In that regard,
Namibia  Africa  2019  AfTerFibre  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure  NamPower  electricity  grid 
march 2019 by stevesong
Connecting Africa - Bringing PEACE to Africa's Comms Ecosystem
Subsea network connectivity, provided by initiatives such as PEACE, is of vital importance to the digital development of Africa and global operators such as Orange are playing an important role in highlighting the advances being made in Africa's international connectivity, as well as the many challenges that remain.
Africa  2019  undersea  fibre  optic  cable  PEACE  Djibouti 
march 2019 by stevesong
Mobile World Congress 2019: Better global connectivity - Facebook Code
Today at Mobile World Congress 2019, Facebook Connectivity is announcing new partnerships and discussing the momentum we're seeing on our existing efforts.
Africa  fibre  optic  infrastructure  SouthAfrica  AfTerFibre  2019 
march 2019 by stevesong
Building network infrastructure with fiber-optic cable - Facebook Code
We are exploring new approaches to deploying long-haul fiber-optic cable routes between our data centers, particularly in rural areas.
Facebook  fibre  optic  infrastructure  2019 
march 2019 by stevesong
MainOne / Press release | MainOne and Facebook announce open-access fiber network in Nigeria
Africa Newsroom offers the latest Africa-related news releases & official statements issued by companies, governments, international organizations, NGOs & the UN.
Nigeria  Facebook  AfTerFibre  2019  Africa  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure  mainone 
march 2019 by stevesong
Cameroon: Central African Backbone - Govt to Complete Component This Year -
During the 7th session of the National Steering Committee of the CAB project held yesterday, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications said the project is stretching wider.
Cameroon  Cameroun  Africa  2019  CAB  centralafricabackbone  fibre  optic  terrestrial  network  infrastructure  afterfibre 
march 2019 by stevesong
La Mauritanie a engagé la construction de quatre tronçons de fibre optique qui complèteront le Backbone national  
Le président de la Mauritanie, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, a procédé le 20 février 2019 au lancement des travaux de construction de quatre tronçons de
mauritanie  mauritania  afterfibre  africa  2019  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure 
february 2019 by stevesong
Dark Fiber Lays Groundwork for Long-Distance Earthquake Detection
Researchers have turned parts of a 13,000-mile-long testbed of “dark fiber” into a highly sensitive seismic activity sensor.
fibre  optic  research  earthquake  earthquakes  groundwater  mapping 
february 2019 by stevesong
Liquid Telecom to invest $400m in Egypt for network infrastructure, data centres | IOL Business Report
Pan-African telecoms group Liquid Telecom said on Monday it was investing eight billion Egyptian Pounds (U.S.$400 million) over the next three years.
2018  Africa  Egypt  liquidtelecom  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure  AfTerFibre  datacentre 
december 2018 by stevesong
48% cost reduction for bandwidth in Sierra Leone - ITWeb Africa
Move by country's fibre optic infrastructure management firm is expected to significantly lower cost of internet access.
Africa  2018  SierraLeone  undersea  fibre  optic  cable  afterfibre  terrestrial  SALCAB  ACE 
november 2018 by stevesong
Mali: National assembly authorizes government to borrow XOF93 billion for "Mali digital 2020" - Ecofin Agency
Gathered on November 15, 2018, Malian deputies adopted a draft law authorizing ratification of a concessional loan agreement signed on September 28,
Africa  Mali  2018  afterfibre  african  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure 
november 2018 by stevesong
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