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Liquid, Western Cape govt partner to boost public Wi-Fi access - ITWeb Africa
Liquid Telecom and Western Cape government partner to boost public WiFi access in South Africa
Africa  2018  SouthAfrica  liquidtelecom  WiFi  WesternCape 
17 days ago by stevesong
Big fibre plans for Liquid Telecom in South Africa
Liquid Telecom will expand its long-distance fibre route and metropolitan networks in South Africa, said the company’s group CEO.
Africa  2018  SouthAfrica  liquidtelecom  afterfibre  expansion 
24 days ago by stevesong
Capacity Media - global telecoms news, events and community
The latest news and global networking events for the wholesale telecommunications market and carrier-to-carrier business sector
Africa  2018  misc  Angola  SouthAfrica  vertical  integration 
24 days ago by stevesong
Home | FLASH
FLASH provides over 140,000 informal retailers with solutions to empower their business. See how FLASH can help your business grow and become a FLASH Trader today!
SouthAfrica  ecommerce  mcommerce  mobilemoney  2018  Africa 
5 weeks ago by stevesong
Has set-top box reached its sell-by date? | ITWeb
Government encourages households that don't qualify for subsidised decoders to consider integrated digital TVs, signalling possible changes in the approach to digital migration.
dso  digitalswitchover  SouthAfrica  USF  USAASA  2018  television 
7 weeks ago by stevesong
New subsea route between US, India via Brazil, South Africa
Seaborn Networks and IOX Cable have entered into a joint provisioning agreement to provide the first next-generation subsea fibre optic route between the US and India that will interconnect in South Africa and Brazil...
Africa  2017  undersea  fibre  optic  cable  Seaborn  SABR  Brazil  southafrica 
november 2017 by stevesong
St Helena signs MoU for link to South Atlantic Express cable, set to receive submarine cable by early 2020 (27 October 2017)
Help the people of St Helena in the middle of the South Atlantic to get broadband internet access through the South Atlantic Express Cable
Africa  undersea  fibre  optic  cables  2017  SouthAfrica  SAEx 
october 2017 by stevesong
Fibre Tiger | Fibre Deals And Prices For All Networks And ISPs
Best fibre deals and prices. Uncapped Fibre Price On VumaTel,Octotel,OpenServe,FrogFoot,TT Connect and Cencuty City networks for Fibre Deals And Prices For All Networks And ISPs.
fibre  optic  comparison  southafrica  fibretiger 
october 2017 by stevesong
Vumatel to offer 100Mbit/s uncapped home fibre in townships for R89/month - TechCentral
The more I think about this story the more incredible it is. I have the saying game changer, but
FTTH  SouthAfrica  Africa  2017  fibre  optic  infrastructure  townships 
september 2017 by stevesong
Network Coverage Map - Cell C South Africa
Cell C is a leading mobile provider in South Africa, offering a wide range of services and mobile and data deals. Put the Power in Your Hands today!
SouthAfrica  CellC  coverage  map  2017  Africa 
august 2017 by stevesong
Gigaba's action plan for spectrum | ITWeb
The web's community of communities now has one central hub.
SouthAfrica  spectrum  Africa  auction  2017 
july 2017 by stevesong
Iflix unveils Africa launch plans | TechCentral
Iflix plans to launch in several African markets in the in the coming months as it gears up to expand its subscription video-on-demand service to users on the continent. The company said on Thursday that
Iflix  Africa  SouthAfrica  2017  streaming  video  service 
june 2017 by stevesong
South Africa: Over 1 million township residents to get Wifi | IT News Africa – Africa's Technology News Leader
VAST Networks set to connect more than 1.5 million township residents. VAST Networks, a leading open access Wi-Fi provider, is set to give 1.5 million
WiFi  SouthAfrica  2017  Africa  unlicensed  spectrum  VAST 
may 2017 by stevesong
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