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AAE-1 Cable System Launches for Service - Submarine Networks
AAE-1 Consortium announced on June 23rd that the majority of AAE-1 cable system has been launched for commercial service.
Africa  undersea  fibre  optic  cable  AAE-1  live  RFS  2017 
6 weeks ago by stevesong
GSMA The risks associated with Wholesale Open Access Networks
Everyone should have access to mobile broadband — at a reasonable cost and with dependable performance — and governments around the world have embraced this goal. Success depends largely on the supply of spectrum made available for mobile services. Without sufficient spectrum, the mobile industry cannot deliver a rich and dynamic mobile future for all...
GSMA  wholesale  network  report  WOAN  2017 
11 weeks ago by stevesong
Airtel sets for massive network transformation
Tanzania\'s leading online News Edition (The National Newspaper). Get access to the most current and latest authoritative news on local issues, politics, events, celebrations, editorial, columnists, features, people and business
Tanzania  Africa  3G  2017  spectrum  900mhz 
november 2017 by stevesong
Survey starts on Chinese-backed Peace cable from Pakistan to Kenya, Egypt and South Africa
Huawei Marine has started survey work on a new subsea cable to link Pakistan in south Asia with Kenya in east Africa via Djibouti.
Peace  african  undersea  fibre  optic  cable  2017  Africa  Kenya  egypt 
november 2017 by stevesong
AfricaCom 2017: Tizeti and Facebook to expand Wi-Fi express in Nigeria | IT News Africa – Africa's Technology News Leader
Tizeti Co-founder, Kendall Ananyi. On Wednesday 8 November 2017, wireless internet service provider, Tizeti, announced a partnership to expand Express Wi-Fi
Africa  WiFi  Nigeria  2017  unlicensed  Facebook  expresswifi 
november 2017 by stevesong
MTC to invest NAD1bn in network upgrade
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
MTC  Namibia  2017  LTE  4G  expansion 
november 2017 by stevesong
Telkom completes Ksh600 million fibre network upgrade
Telkom Kenya has completed the first phase of its KSh 600 million upgrade project on its national backbone and metropolitan transmission networks.
Kenya  Africa  AfTerFibre  fibre  optic  terrestrial  infrastructure  2017 
november 2017 by stevesong
South Atlantic Cable System begins the deep-water installation - EIN News
South Atlantic Cable System (SACS), the first submarine cable system across the South Atlantic is in the final stretch of its installation between Africa and
SACS  angolacables  Africa  angola  brazil  undersea  fibre  optic  cable  2017 
november 2017 by stevesong
New subsea route between US, India via Brazil, South Africa
Seaborn Networks and IOX Cable have entered into a joint provisioning agreement to provide the first next-generation subsea fibre optic route between the US and India that will interconnect in South Africa and Brazil...
Africa  2017  undersea  fibre  optic  cable  Seaborn  SABR  Brazil  southafrica 
november 2017 by stevesong
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