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Real Person Slash (Supernatural): Alien Invasion
Author's Summary: When the Earth was invaded by aliens, Jensen never thought that they’d turn out to be so friendly nor so strange. (WC: 6,235)
RPS  Supernatural  Jensen_Ackles/jared_padalecki  Unique_Genitalia  Sounding  Alien:Jared_Padalecki  Crack  WC:5001-10000  AU 
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Real Person Slash (Supernatural): Leather and Lace
Author's Summary: Jared Padalecki knows he's a sub, but not only is he a very naive nineteen year old, he has no idea on what goes on in a BDSM club. He attracts the attention of the committed Dom pair of JDM and Jensen; who is looking for their own sub, but he also attracts the unwanted attention of some unsavory characters and ends up being raped. (WC: 98,006)
RPS  Supernatural  D/s  Restraints  Non-Con(Not_Bet_Partners)  Angst:Just_a_Bit  Ruffied  Sounding  Subspace  BDSM  3some  Start_of_a_Relationship  Established_Relationship  Injured:Jared_Padalecki  Cock_Ring  Blindfold  Jeffrey_Dean_Morgan/Jensen_Ackles/jared_padalecki  Subdrop  Cock_Cage:Leather  Butt_Plug  Double_Penetration  Spanking:Disciplinary  Rimming  WC:75001-100000 
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Fast and Furious: Filthy
Author's Summary: The title says it all, filthily explicit sex between Hobbs and Dom. Really no more needs to be said. It is pure PWP. (WC: 5,421)
Fast_and_Furious  Dom/luke  Start_of_a_Relationship  They_Switch  In_a_Hotel_Room  Sounding  PWP  Vibrating_Sound  WC:5001-10000 
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