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Instant Pot Baby Back Pork Ribs | I Wash You Dry
I don't love apple cider vinegar, but these were very tender. I used the spice rub from the pulled pork recipe.
instantpot  recipes  ribs  pork 
11 weeks ago by stephanies
Instant Pot Louisiana Seafood, Chicken, and Sausage Gumbo
Left out shrimp. Good, but not sure it's worth the trouble.
recipe  gumbo  instantpot 
august 2018 by stephanies
Pressure Cooker (Instant Pot) Potato Salad | Pressure Cooking Today
Potatoes and hard-boiled eggs for potato salad - 1.5 cups of water and 4 minutes on high pressure. Quick release.
instantpot  recipe  potato  eggs  potatosalad 
july 2018 by stephanies
Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala with Cauliflower and Peas | Skinnytaste
Yummy! I used butter to saute. Cream instead of coconut milk. Added zucchini.
instantpot  indian  recipe  chicken  dinner 
july 2018 by stephanies
Pork Sirloin Tip Roast in the Pressure Cooker (Instant Pot)
I used the cooking instructions, but did pork, potatoes and carrots. I used water and white cooking wine. Garlic cloves, salt, pepper. 25 minutes at high pressure.
pork  instantpot  recipe  dinner 
june 2018 by stephanies
Instant Pot Poached Eggs - Cooking With Curls
3 minutes is about right for one egg. If you put more than one in a cup, it needs more time to get the white cooked. 3 minutes is a bit too long for broccoli, but it was ok.
eggs  instantpot  poached 
june 2018 by stephanies
Restaurant Style Instant Pot Pinto Beans No Pre Soaking
I did 1.5 pounds of beans with the pot 2/3 full. Worked great. Sautéd onions and garlic, added ham.
beans  pinto  instantpot 
may 2018 by stephanies
Instant Pot Whole Rotisserie Chicken
Good. Not amazing, but it worked fine for having leftovers for soup, etc. Just as good as crockpot chicken.
chicken  instantpot 
january 2018 by stephanies
Tipsy Kitchen: Broccoli Cheese Soup
I reduced the cheese to about 4 oz and cream cheese to about 4 oz.
instantpot  soup  dinner  recipe  broccoli 
december 2017 by stephanies
Instant Pot Indian Butter Chicken Keto Recipe
I used the full amount of sauce with the chicken instead of saving it for later. It was fine. Added onion. Cut cayenne a bit - spicy.
chicken  indian  recipe  instantpot 
december 2017 by stephanies
Green Chile Turkey Meatloaf • MyGourmetConnection
IP directions: Add 2 cups of water into cooking pot and place a Short Legged Trivet into cooking pot. Wrap meatloaf in foil.
Cook at High Pressure for 20 minutes. When Beep sounds, wait 10 minutes and then release the rest of the pressure. Broil in oven.
recipe  meatloaf  instantpot 
december 2017 by stephanies
Tipsy Kitchen: Taco 'Bout Yummy
Sallie Bailey's blog - super delicious and easy tacos.
recipe  taco  chicken  instantpot 
december 2017 by stephanies
Recipe: Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili — Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn
Update: Did this in IP: Sauteed onion, garlic, bell pepper and celery for a few minutes to heat up the pot. Pressure cooked for 8 minutes with 12 minute natural release. Chicken was perfect. I added beans and corn at the beginning. Beans fell apart a bit, but were fine.
Really good. I used three large chicken breasts and cooked it on high for four hours. Added kale and zucchini. Need to add zucchini earlier than 30 minutes before eating. It was still a bit crunchy.
chili  soup  crockpot  slowcooker  instantpot  recipe 
february 2016 by stephanies

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