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Before and After
Journalist pays photoshop artists from around the world to "make me beautiful". Results speak to cultural bias. Facinating.
art  photoshop  culture  feminism 
june 2014 by stephaniehobson
Handy Techniques for Cutting Out Hair in Photoshop
Great tutorial on how to remove a background from a complex image in Photoshop. Involves channels and inverting and fun stuff like that, gives nice transparent edges.
photoshop  howto  tutorial  background  remove 
april 2011 by stephaniehobson
Old Poster Photoshop Tutorial - Lunacore
A convincing old poster with torn edges, noise, and stains. Uses lots of techniques which could be useful in other situations.
webdesign  photoshop  design  reference  tutorial  howto 
january 2010 by stephaniehobson

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