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6.8. Encoding from multiple input image files (JPEG, PNG, TGA, etc.)
mencoder mf://*.JPG -mf w=800:h=600:fps=12:type=jpg -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:mbd=2:trell -oac copy -o output.avi
august 2015 by stephan.poetschner
KeyboardFire/mkcast · GitHub
A tool for creating GIF screencasts of a terminal, with key presses overlaid.
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february 2015 by stephan.poetschner
Awesome Courses
Links & Collection oft open university Computer courses
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december 2014 by stephan.poetschner
abeisgreat/Olly.js Translate URLs into Rich Media
A JavaScript library to convert URLs into embedable HTML.
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march 2014 by stephan.poetschner
Using D3 with Rickshaw and Angular
D3 is awesome for visualisations, but it's a bit too low level at times, especially when you want to do stuff like build a bunch of graphs. Rickshaw is a wrapper project by the people at shutterstock that makes graphing with d3 much easier. There are also some challenges using d3 and rickshaw with angularjs, this screencast will show you how to surmount those.
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february 2014 by stephan.poetschner
An Overview of the ng-conf 2014 Presentations
"the three talks that I found most valuable"
* Dave Smith – Deep Dive into Custom Directives
* Vojta Jina – Dependency Injection
* DoubleClick Team – Writing a Massive Angular App at Google
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january 2014 by stephan.poetschner
Video production directory
from wistia, including sample videos and costs
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january 2014 by stephan.poetschner
ffmpeg audio/video manipulation
better use "avconv -i bigdays-2010.mp4 bigdays-2010.webm"
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october 2012 by stephan.poetschner
media-nommer: A Python-based media encoder system — media-nommer 1.0dev documentation
media-nommer is of interest to you if you need a way to encode media in a cheap, fast, and scalable manner. By using Amazon AWS‘s excellent EC2 service, you can automatically scale your number of encoder instances up to meet your demands. Of course, the entire process may be configured, limited, and adapted to meet your needs. Some example usage cases where media-nommer might be a good fit:

Encoding user-uploaded media for serving from your site
Bulk encoding large collections of videos
videos  encoding 
april 2012 by stephan.poetschner
HTML5 <video> and <audio> made easy. One file. Any browser. Same UI.
like videojs
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october 2011 by stephan.poetschner
Khan Academy
What started out as Sal making a few algebra videos for his cousins has grown to over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.
march 2011 by stephan.poetschner
Optimizing for mobile (video)
These days, many sites approach the mobile web by either redirecting mobile users to a different site than they'd get on the desktop, or delivering highly customized mobile applications for specific devices – approaches that require maintaining separate codebases, and add significant developer effort. Others simply serve a desktop-optimized site and let mobile users get what they can from it, which frequently results in an unusable experience.

However, there’s a more sustainable and future-forward way: with a blend of coding and accessibility best practices and progressive enhancement based on feature detection, it's possible to deliver use the same foundation markup to all users, and optimize the experience for mobile devices based on their capabilities. In this session, Scott will demonstrate how to apply interface enhancements only in browsers that support them, and let a single codebase provide many compelling experiences.
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december 2010 by stephan.poetschner
JsConf EU Videos
Videos from JsConf Europe 2010
e.g. * Javascript Performance (from Stoyanov)
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december 2010 by stephan.poetschner
MFA Interaction Design on Vimeo
The MFA in Interaction Design program trains students to research, analyze, prototype, and design concepts in their business, social, and cultural contexts.
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july 2010 by stephan.poetschner
camen design · Video for Everybody!
Video for Everybody is very simply a chunk of HTML code that embeds a video into a website using the HTML5 <video> element which offers native playback in Firefox 3.5 and Safari 3 & 4. In other browsers that do not support <video>, it falls back to Adobe Flash
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july 2009 by stephan.poetschner

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