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reconbf/README.rst at master · HewlettPackard/reconbf
Recon is a tool for reviewing the security configuration of a local system. It can detect existing issues, known-insecure settings, existing strange behaviour, and options for further hardening.
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20 days ago by stephan.poetschner
wes/ at master · indeedsecurity/wes
WES is a static code analyzer for web applications that doesn’t take the traditional approach of showing where problems may exist in our code. Rather WES simply pulls all of the endpoints, parameters, templates, methods, and line numbers for each, right out of the source code. These results can then be used to feed a dynamic scanner as a site map of the application.
indeed  security  tools 
5 weeks ago by stephan.poetschner
indeedsecurity/ava: Another Vulnerability Auditor
AVA is a web scanner designed for use within automated systems. It accepts endpoints via HAR-formatted files and scans each request with a set of checks and auditors. The checks determine the vulnerabilities to check, such as Cross-Site Scripting or Open Redirect. The auditors determine the HTTP elements to audit, such as parameters or cookies.
security  @offensity  python-powered 
5 weeks ago by stephan.poetschner
mkcert/ at master · FiloSottile/mkcert · GitHub
mkcert is a simple tool for making locally-trusted development certificates.
security  tool 
june 2018 by stephan.poetschner
Include Security®| Home
Include Security is an application security consulting company based in New York City.
security  pentesting  usa  @offensity 
march 2018 by stephan.poetschner
About Us - Censys
Just like people use popular search engines to find relevant content on the Internet, Censys allows users to discover the devices, networks, and infrastructure on the Internet and monitor how it changes over time.
security  webservice  @offensity 
february 2018 by stephan.poetschner
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