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Using pbr | Python Build Reasonableness
A library for managing setuptools packaging needs in a consistent manner.

pbr reads and then filters the setup.cfg data through a setup hook to fill in default values and provide more sensible behaviors, and then feeds the results in as the arguments to a call to - so the heavy lifting of handling Python packaging needs is still being done by setuptools.

To understand what pbr can do for you, it’s probably best to look at two projects: one using pure setuptools, and another using pbr. First, let’s look at the setuptools project.
python  packaging 
4 days ago by stephan.poetschner
faust/README.rst at master · robinhood/faust
Faust is a stream processing library, porting the ideas from Kafka Streams to Python.

It is used at Robinhood to build high performance distributed systems and real-time data pipelines that process billions of events every day.

Faust provides both stream processing and event processing, sharing similarity with tools such asKafka Streams, Apache Spark/Storm/Samza/Flink,
10 weeks ago by stephan.poetschner
uvloop — uvloop Documentation
uvloop is a fast, drop-in replacement of the built-in asyncio event loop.
python  async 
10 weeks ago by stephan.poetschner
Python Prompt Toolkit 2.0 — prompt_toolkit 2.0.3 documentation
prompt_toolkit is a library for building powerful interactive command line and terminal applications in Python
june 2018 by stephan.poetschner
Dask: Scalable analytics in Python
Dask provides advanced parallelism for analytics, enabling performance at scale for the tools you love
python  data  pandas  numpy 
april 2018 by stephan.poetschner
Black Online Demo
Black is the uncompromising Python code formatterby Łukasz Langa
april 2018 by stephan.poetschner
Zappa/ at master · Miserlou/Zappa · GitHub
Zappa makes it super easy to build and deploy server-less, event-driven Python applications (including, but not limited to, WSGI web apps) on AWS Lambda + API Gateway. 
aws  deployment  python 
march 2018 by stephan.poetschner
GitHub - kennethreitz/requests-html: HTML Parsing for Humans™
This library intends to make parsing HTML (e.g. scraping the web) as simple and intuitive as possible
python  scraping  kennethreitz  github 
february 2018 by stephan.poetschner
walrus 0.4.1 documentation
Python utilities for working with Redis:

* container classes
* autocomplete
* cache
* graph store
* rate limiting
* active-record models (secondary indexes, full-text search)
* locks
* more? more!
python  redis 
november 2017 by stephan.poetschner
fuzzyfinder 1.0.0 : Python Package Index
Fuzzy Finder implemented in Python. Matches partial string entries from a list of strings. Works similar to fuzzy finder in SublimeText and Vim’s Ctrl-P plugin
june 2017 by stephan.poetschner
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