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Auto setup and provision GitHub repositories on new DigitalOcean droplets. Genius!
november 2016 by stephan.poetschner
phanan/htaccess · GitHub
A collection of useful .htaccess snippets.
sysadmin  hosting 
february 2015 by stephan.poetschner
Hardening Your Web Server’s SSL Ciphers — Hynek Schlawack
I will share a configuration which is both compatible enough for today’s needs and scores a straight “A” on Qualys’s SSL Server Test.
security  ssl  nginx  hosting  sysadmin 
september 2013 by stephan.poetschner
SoftLayer® Hosting Advantages - Automation, API, Fast Provisioning, and more
Virtual or bare metal. Public or private. All deployed in real time.
Recommended by Andrew Godwin and lanyrd's team (Simon Willison)
november 2012 by stephan.poetschner
30loops Python and Django hosting
"A scalable, easy to manage hosting environment for your Python application"
django-powered  hosting  python 
january 2012 by stephan.poetschner
Heroku Hosting
cloud application platform – a new way of building and deploying web apps.
september 2011 by stephan.poetschner
Repository Hosting
At Repository Hosting, we make hosted project management simple again. There is only One Plan and One Price. $6.00 per month buys you unlimited repositories, users and Trac instances — AND 2GB of storage.
hosting  versioning 
september 2011 by stephan.poetschner
Django Sendfile
This is a wrapper around web-server specific methods for sending files to web clients. This is useful when Django needs to check permissions associated files, but does not want to serve the actual bytes of the file itself. i.e. as serving large files is not what Django is made for. nginx compatible
django  hosting 
august 2011 by stephan.poetschner
Instant deployment and scaling for your django applications
python  hosting  webdevelopment  cloud 
december 2010 by stephan.poetschner
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