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Advertima – The Experience Management System
software that learns with every interaction & specifically reaches out to your targeted audience.
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march 2017 by stephan.poetschner
Kulturentdecker Club | GmbH & Co. KG
Milastraße 2
10437 Berlin
django-powered  germany  berlin 
march 2017 by stephan.poetschner
* Open source software for managing newsrooms and their content. Under development
* Open source web app that lets you create and update live blogs in seconds
* Open source platform for aggregating, verifying and publishing citizen journalism
* Open source content management system created for today's newsrooms
* Open source radio automation software to let you take control of your station via the web
* Open source platform that lets anyone produce beautiful printed or electronic books
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december 2014 by stephan.poetschner
Christian Rothenhagen
Christian Rothenhagen | Schwartzkopffstrasse 7 | 10115 Berlin 
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november 2014 by stephan.poetschner
freunde von freunden, design made in germany,...
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january 2014 by stephan.poetschner

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