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analytische Fähigkeiten

Erfahrungen in der Kommunikation und Mitarbeit in Entwicklungsteams

Strukturierte Herangehensweise und Fähigkeit zum selbstständigen Arbeiten
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august 2018 by stephan.poetschner
Drupal maintenance | Druid
Reliable maintenance

Updates that improve the Drupal system's features and security are released regularly, and if the updates are not installed, the website might end up at the mercy of hackers. Our automated monitoring system will watch over your service tirelessly, and when needed, it will alarm our on call expert to bring a downed service back up. Your contract may include a specified number of maintenance hours each month, or we can work when the need arises.
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march 2018 by stephan.poetschner
Culture, Values & About Us | Ignite Hospitality Marketing Agency
A team of designers, developers, strategists and marketers, who work with hospitality businesses globally to excite and delight their customers.
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february 2018 by stephan.poetschner
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