Application-Layer DDoS Attack Protection with HAProxy - HAProxy Technologies
defend your websites from application-layer attacks like HTTP floods and Slowloris by using features built into HAProxy for rate limiting and flagging suspicious clients.
devops  security 
Introduction · Bowler
Bowler is a refactoring tool for manipulating Python at the syntax tree level. It enables safe, large scale code modifications while guaranteeing that the resulting code compiles and runs.
python  refactor 
8 days ago
petname · PyPI
**petname** − a utility to generate "pet names", consisting of a random combination of adverbs, an adjective, and an animal name

This utility will generate "pet names", consisting of a random combination of an adverb, adjective, and an animal name. These are useful for unique hostnames or container names, for instance.

As such, PetName tries to follow the tenets of Zooko’s triangle. Names are:

- human meaningful
- decentralized
- secure

$ petname
4 weeks ago
Build composable visualizations for the web with a data-first approach
javascript  Visualization  charts  Graphs 
4 weeks ago
Using pbr | Python Build Reasonableness
A library for managing setuptools packaging needs in a consistent manner.

pbr reads and then filters the setup.cfg data through a setup hook to fill in default values and provide more sensible behaviors, and then feeds the results in as the arguments to a call to - so the heavy lifting of handling Python packaging needs is still being done by setuptools.

To understand what pbr can do for you, it’s probably best to look at two projects: one using pure setuptools, and another using pbr. First, let’s look at the setuptools project.
python  packaging 
4 weeks ago
reconbf/README.rst at master · HewlettPackard/reconbf
Recon is a tool for reviewing the security configuration of a local system. It can detect existing issues, known-insecure settings, existing strange behaviour, and options for further hardening.
security  tool 
6 weeks ago
wes/ at master · indeedsecurity/wes
WES is a static code analyzer for web applications that doesn’t take the traditional approach of showing where problems may exist in our code. Rather WES simply pulls all of the endpoints, parameters, templates, methods, and line numbers for each, right out of the source code. These results can then be used to feed a dynamic scanner as a site map of the application.
indeed  security  tools 
8 weeks ago
mciastek/sal: 🚀 Performance focused, lightweight scroll animation library 🚀
Performance focused, lightweight (less than 2.8 kb) scroll animation library, written in vanilla JavaScript. No dependencies!
animation  javascript  scroll 
8 weeks ago
Refactoring · Bowler
Bowler is a refactoring tool for manipulating Python at the syntax tree level. It enables safe, large scale code modifications while guaranteeing that the resulting code compiles and runs.
python-powered  facebook 
8 weeks ago
indeedsecurity/ava: Another Vulnerability Auditor
AVA is a web scanner designed for use within automated systems. It accepts endpoints via HAR-formatted files and scans each request with a set of checks and auditors. The checks determine the vulnerabilities to check, such as Cross-Site Scripting or Open Redirect. The auditors determine the HTTP elements to audit, such as parameters or cookies.
security  @offensity  python-powered 
8 weeks ago
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