BAM - TERA Codex
List of all BAM monsters in Tera.
tera  video_game  list 
june 2015
OpenRA - Home
Old Westwood games ported to new hardware and free.

Red Alert, Command & Conquer, Dune 2000.
game  video_game 
may 2015
[Emidrange] Steady-state Energy (Tier 1) - Deck -
This is the latest reincarnation of the e-midrange deck that revolves around Ranged attack units. Every unit in this deck, with the sole exception of the echomaton, can be counted down using Bombard - which means that you can always be sure to make use of each scroll in your deck. Everything is solid on its own as well, and there's zero required combo pieces in this deck.
scrolls  game  gaming  video_game  mojang 
march 2015
[ubuntu] Is there any trick or setting to real-time monitor the logs via UFW like Firestarter [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums
You have several options :

1. File a bug report. This is probably the best way to communicate your needs back to the developers.

2. Write you own application or program to follow the logs. Depending on your experience with such things this may vary for a trivial task to insurmountable.

3. Configure your system, via ufw or iptables and rsyslog or syslog-ng to give you more informative messages. This would be easy to use and configure. You can configure your logs as well, so that messages go to /var/log/firewall or wherever you like.

Here are several links to get you started:

You can find more with google.

Open a terminal and use
tail -F /var/log/messages, you will see our logs in real time.

My point here is that no set of defaults will satisfy everyone but Linux does offer some flexibility if you are willing to look under the hood.

4. Use an alternate application to monitor your network traffic. You have several options here snort and wireshark are probably the #1 and #2 options in terms of popularity, although there are other tools as well (tcpdump)

The "problem" I would have with dumping the logs is that, as pointed out by cariboo907, I would get thousands of (trivial) events.

If you want to know what ports are open, and that your firewall is working, use nmap, zenmap is a graphical front end, or "ShieldsUP!".

If you want to monitor your traffic in more detail, wireshark or tcpdump.

If you want a NIDS system, use snort. The advantage of snort is that snort will watch the thousands of packets and alert you so suspicious traffic, the kind of thing you should probably attend to, such as mysql injections and what not.

The advantage here is you would be using a tool (tcpdump, wireshark, or snort) tailored to what you are wanting to monitor and how you want to monitor your firewall (command line, graphical, rules based/alerts).

So while I understand what you are asking for, I am almost equally certain that the average user does not want this feature, and the more experienced "security power user" wants more detail (ie snort or tcpdump) then the firewall logs.

Honestly, no offense, but watching the firewall logs in real time gets old fast. You will see a lot of denied traffic and you can get the same information with nmap.

Personally, I use snort and investigate the alerts. This is almost certainly overkill for the average desktop user, but this way I spend my sys admin time not watching the thousands of meaningless denials, but rather tracking the potentially malicious traffic and making sure I fix any potential vulnerabilities.

Personally, although firestarter may work well for a simple desktop (no offense intended), it leaves a lot to be desired if one starts using a more complex set of firewall rules such as NAT, bridges, and/or virtualization.
ubuntu  linux  network  security  sysadmin  firewall 
march 2015
Stumpchuck Home Page
Exceptional glass artist who does murrine slices and statues.
artist  glass  glasswork  lampwork  inspiration 
february 2015
Bash Prompt Colours
How to do colors in a bash terminal.
bash  color  shell  unix  linux 
february 2015
Network Cleanup | killall CIJScannerRegister | Port 8612
I came across a strange issue where I was noticing an extremely high number of UDP sessions using port 8612. This is not a normal port for UDP traffic or any traffic for that matter so I wondered what it was doing. Taking a closer look it appears that an old Cannon printer finder application had been loaded on teacher and some student machines in the past.
network  linux  ubuntu 
february 2015
[ubuntu] ufw log getting spammed with every 3 minutes - how disable? [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums
Thread about the problem with a Canon utility searching for Legacy drivers on port 8612.

Includes instructions on searching the network with tcpdump.
network  tcp  command  forum  ubuntu  linux 
february 2015
bterlson/blimlimb · GitHub
<< blimLimb
<< the
<< travelling
<< ircbot
<< troupe
`` `` `` `` `` ''''''

here be a very simple
script which helms a
handful of irc connections
to produce the illusion
of a performing set of
sentient ircbots.

the trick to this script
is that the bots aren't
fully scripted, so you
can jump in at moments
and add improvisational
dialogue to startling
irc  bot  coding  github  repository  repo  project  chat 
february 2015 UPnP question
Windows strange IP within network explained.
windows  network  ip 
february 2015
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