Harry Miller: Police probe into 'transphobic' tweets unlawful - BBC News
He was told he had not committed a crime, but it would be recorded as a non-crime "hate incident".
The court found the force's actions were a "disproportionate interference" on his right to freedom of expression.
Speaking after the ruling, Mr Miller said: "This is a watershed moment for liberty - the police were wrong to visit my workplace, wrong to 'check my thinking'."
His solicitor Paul Conrathe added: "It is a strong warning to local police forces not to interfere with people's free speech rights on matters of significant controversy."
'Orwellian society'
Mr Justice Julian Knowles said the effect of police turning up at Mr Miller's place of work "because of his political opinions must not be underestimated".
He added: "To do so would be to undervalue a cardinal democratic freedom.
"In this country we have never had a Cheka, a Gestapo or a Stasi. We have never lived in an Orwellian society."
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Was Mark 16:9–20 Originally Part of Mark’s Gospel?
The same group of Greek-speaking Christians who accepted Mark 16:9–20 as canon also accepted Psalm 151 as a canonical part of the Psalter, but I don’t know of any Protestants suggesting we should add that to our Bibles.
5 days ago
The Revolutionary Work of Motherhood | Alastair's Adversaria
Society has tended to view the sacrifices of motherhood as sacrifices from which women ought to be unburdened.
womenandwork  motherhood 
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Midwifery student banned from work placement over pro-life views demands apology from university
A midwifery student banned from her hospital placement over her pro-life views has demanded an apology from university bosses.

Julia Rynkiewicz, 24, an undergraduate at the University of Nottingham, faced expulsion from her degree after lecturers raised concerns about her fitness to practice.

In what is believed to be first case of its kind - and which is likely to have far-reaching implications for freedom of speech across UK campuses - Ms Rynkiewicz was banned from completing her placement at a local hospital and faced a fitness to practice hearing on Monday.

As a result of the investigation against her, she has been forced to delay her studies and will graduate a year later than her fellow students. She claims she has suffered undue “stress” and lack of financial support as she did not qualify for student finance while banned from her course.

Ms Rynkiewicz is now threatening to take legal action against the Russell Group university and has issued a formal complaint.

Last week, university officials U-turned on their decision and dismissed the case against her.

However Ms Rynkiewicz, of south east London, said that she would like an apology from the university “as a matter of justice” so that “they realise they have done wrong and will change it so that no one else has to go through what I have”.

Lace Market, Nottingham
Ms Rynkiewicz is now threatening to take legal action against the University of Nottingham CREDIT: CHRIS HEPBURN
The Catholic undergraduate Told The Telegraph: “I’m willing to take this as far as necessary”. “I think it’s important to remember that being pro life isn't incompatible with being a midwife.”

If her complaint is not remedied, she could carry her case through to the ombudsman and then on to court.

Her suspension has sparked debate between pro-life and pro-choice charities. Some campaigners claim that what happened to Ms Rynkiewicz constitutes “a flagrant violation of her moral and legal right to freedom of expression and human rights” while campuses have become “hotbeds of intolerance and intimidation”.

Meanwhile, others claim that ‘prolifers’ are intent on “targeting” universities to “add to the stigmatisation of abortion” and a “culture of silence around the procedure”.

Ms Rynkiewicz added: “It all felt a bit ridiculous and I have had to put my life on hold for a year and that’s been frustrating. I have been suspended for almost four months as a result of not being able to attend my placement and been forced to take year long interruption to my studies. I won’t be back until September and will now be graduating a year later than I wanted to…

“I would quite like an apology for everything they have put me through. I feel fine about it all now but I would still like them to apologise as a matter of justice. I suppose that they have realised they have done wrong and [I hope they] will change it so no one else has to go through what I have.

“I’m going to be applying for compensation for this. I’m willing to take this as far as necessary but I suppose we will see how this goes. I think this case says a lot about freedom of speech especially regarding pro life students.There has been so much that’s happened against them and I think the unis are ignoring it and suppressing them.

“But unis should be a place where we can speak up about your beliefs and debate with people in a civilised way so I’m shocked that this happened.”

The undergraduate was president of the Nottingham Students for Life (NSFL) - a “pro-life society who believe that life should be protected from the moment of conception until natural death".

The society was originally rejected by the university’s Societies Council. However following the threat of legal action, the decision was overturned in July 2019.

On September 23 last year, Ms Rynkiewicz attended a Freshers Fair to promote NSFL where one of her lecturers sees her stall, takes leaflets and then lodges a formal complaint to the Midwifery School.

Days later, the student received a letter saying that a concern had been raised about her professional behaviour and she was to be suspended from her placement.

Ms Rynkiewicz was alleged to have provided reproductive health advice without the support of a registered midwife and have expressed personal beliefs regarding reproductive sexual health in the public domain (including the press and social media) to the effect that it may create the perception of an impact on patient care.

Health professionals are allowed to have personal beliefs regarding reproductive health and are protected by a conscientious objection clause under current abortion laws.

Laurence Wilkinson, legal counsel at ADF International, a faith-based legal organisation, which supported Ms Rynkiewicz, said “Julia’s treatment in this case represents a very chilling prospect for freedom of speech on campus”

“Despite the allegations being dismissed, the practical effect of this investigation is that Julia is now forced to graduate one year later than her classmates. It is to Julia’s credit that she remains absolutely committed to completing her training, caring for women and bringing life into the world.

“She is now considering her options, as no student should have to go through this kind of daunting process in the absence of clear and compelling reasons.”

Mark Bhagwandin, senior education and media officer at Life Charity, which advocates for “positive alternatives to abortion”, said that universities are legally obliged to ensure that free speech is protected.

“What has happened to Ms Rynkiewicz is a flagrant violation of her moral and legal right to freedom of expression,” he said, adding that the complaints levelled against her constituted a “blatant violation of her human rights”.

However a spokeswoman for Marie Stopes UK, which provides contraception and safe abortion services, said: “Anti-choice groups appear to be increasingly targeting universities, but we are of the firm belief that their attempts will fall on deaf ears.

“The vast majority of students, like the UK as a whole, support a women’s right to choose and whether standing outside clinics or student unions these groups do little to sway public opinion.”

A University of Nottingham spokeswoman said: “All universities take fitness to practice considerations extremely seriously throughout a students’ education to ensure they can provide appropriate and professional advice and care to patients.

“A fitness to practice investigation was held to examine a number of allegations concerning a student midwife. The student’s complaint will be carefully considered while their School is actively considering how they can recommence their studies without delay.”
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