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Blink And You'll Miss It - Chapter 1 - iknewaman - Star Trek [Archive of Our Own]
Soulmate AU where everyone has a watch on their wrist that stops when they meet their soulmate.

Spock and his family are being given a tour of the area where the new shipyard will be built in Riverside when Spock’s soulclock stops.
fic  au  startrek  canondivergence!au  spock  jamestkirk  kirk/spock  rating:nc-17 
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A Bushel and a Peck - thehoyden - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes, a family is a demonic nanny, an angelic cook, and a kid who isn't actually the Antichrist.

Or: Crowley helps Aziraphale secure a different position at the Dowling Estate.
fic  goodomens  canondivergence!au  Crowley  aziraphale  Aziraphale/Crowley  kidfic  author:thehoyden  rating:nc-17 
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A Fair Return - Chapter 1 - thingswithwings - Schitt's Creek [Archive of Our Own]
and there are some like us,
just walking, making our feet move ahead of us,
a little bored, a little lost, a little angry,
walking as though we were really going somewhere,
walking as if there was something to see at Adelaide or maybe on King,
something that will give a fair return for this use of shoe-leather,
something that will make us smile with a strange new
happiness, a lost but recovered joy.

- Raymond Souster, “Yonge Street Saturday Night”
fic  rating:nc-17  canondivergence!au  canadian  schittscreek  davidrose/patrick 
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Parallels - inatshej - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles slowly pulls in a mouthful of curly fries, dumbly focused on the task.
''It's weirdly homoerotic how you do this,'' muses Derek, eyeing him.
Stiles chokes and Derek's lips curl up into an almost smile. It's so easy to get the reaction he wants from Stiles.
''Yeah, it's disgusting, Stilinski,'' says Jackson, looking at the boy with distaste.
Derek turns to him, letting his eyebrows rise. ''And who asked you, Whittemore?''
Jackson glances at him, surprised. ''I've just agreed with y-''
''No one cares,'' Derek interrupts him. ''Fuck off.''
fic  highschool  au  teenwolf  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  allisonargent/scottmcall  lydiamartin/jacksonwhittmore  peterhale  rating:nc-17 
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Hawks and Hands - Chapter 1 - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - due South [Archive of Our Own]
Hockey!AU with RayK and Benton ending up playing for the Chicago Blackhawks and finding love...and lots of sex along the way.
fic  au  duesouth  sport!au  raykowalski  bentonfraser  rayk/fraser  rating:nc-17 
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You, Soft and Only - thehoyden - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He hadn’t expected a sudden lapful of angel.

“Very sorry about this,” Aziraphale said, and kissed him.
fic  goodomens  aziraphale  Crowley  Aziraphale/Crowley  rating:nc-17 
july 2019 by starwire
Anthophilia - Chapter 1 - FortinbrasFTW - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
Anthony J. Crowley's life seems like it's finally falling into place: his floral shop has begun to gain an undercurrent of appreciation in the design elite of London, and he might have even finally found a boyfriend who looks just right lounging on his Tenreiro sofa. Things seem almost perfect, until one day the empty shop across the street is leased to frumpy fellow Oxford alumni, who doesn't seem to remember Crowley nearly as well as he remembers him, which really shouldn't bother him as much as it does - it was ten years ago after all, and it wasn't even thatgood of a kiss.
fic  au  modern  aziraphale  Crowley  Aziraphale/Crowley  rating:nc-17 
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a really good deal on craigslist - Chapter 1 - heyfightme - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
When Eric Bittle catches his boyfriend cheating on him in their own home, he takes to Craigslist to find replacement accommodation -- and ends up in a loft with three men, one of whom may have been put on this Earth to test him.

A Check, Please! New Girl AU
fic  checkplease!  au  ericbittle  jackzimmerman  bitty/jack  rating:nc-17 
july 2019 by starwire
The Viper Among Wolves - Chapter 1 - ViridianChick - Captive Prince - S. U. Pacat [Archive of Our Own]
AU. Upon his eighteenth birthday, Prince Laurent of Vere is stripped of his title and sent to Akielos as a pleasure slave.
fic  au  captiveprince  canondivergence!au  Damianos/Laurent  rating:nc-17 
june 2019 by starwire
Star Power - Chapter 1 - TurtleTotem - Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat [Archive of Our Own]
Damen Vasileus, lead singer of rock band Akielos, is struggling to wrest control of the band from his brother and ex-fiancee. Laurent de Vere, highly acclaimed child star trying to transition to an adult career, is having a PR crisis after spitting on a co-star. A new romance would make Jokaste jealous and soften Laurent's image; maybe they can help each other out…
fic  au  modern  captiveprince  music!au  Damianos/Laurent  rating:nc-17 
june 2019 by starwire
To Know His Heart - hapakitsune - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
With his reputation in tatters, Tyler will do anything to save his family's name - including marrying a man he hardly knows.
fic  regency  au  hockeyrpf  rating:nc-17 
june 2019 by starwire
Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - Chapter 1 - feelslikefire - Skyfall (2012) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
What followed was the most bizarre courtship Q had ever—well, heard of, certainly. He didn’t have much to compare it to, but Moneypenny confirmed that normal people didn’t flirt like this. Not that he was normal. Not that any of them were.

Or: Q has a past, a cat, and a dangerous new boyfriend. Two of these things keep him up nights, the other pees in a box.
fic  007  jamesbond  Q(Bond)  Q/Bond  rating:nc-17 
june 2019 by starwire
The Courtship of Mr. Bond - Chapter 1 - marlowe_tops - Skyfall (2012) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
In which Bond is a retired naval commander with too much house, Q is a mechanical engineer with too many sisters, and they have lengthy conversations about decorum, bonnet-ribbons and philosophy in Regency England.
fic  007  jamesbond  au  regency  Q(Bond)  Q/Bond  rating:nc-17 
may 2019 by starwire
Victor Effing Nikiforov - shysweetthing - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
AU in which Yuuri still doesn’t remember the banquet, somehow doesn’t blow Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor at the World Championships, and has absolutely no idea why his idol is suddenly friendly and incrediblyhandsy.

Does Yuuri care about his reasons? No. It’s Victor Effing Nikiforov.

Basically this is an excuse for total fluff. And porn. And shit-talking with bonus smut. (Edited for accuracy.) Happy birthday, Victor.
fic  yurionice  victornikiforlov  katsukiyuuri  victor/yuuri  canondivergence!au  rating:nc-17 
may 2019 by starwire
Millstone - Chapter 1 - eleanor_lavish - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek waits until the door is shut behind him before he turns around. He holds out his hand, plants his ‘if you’re not weird about it, I won’t be’ smile on his face and says, “Nice to meet you, Stiles. I’m Michael. What kind of a good time are you looking for tonight?”

Or, the hooker!Derek fic of my id.
fic  teenwolf  au  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  rating:nc-17 
april 2019 by starwire
Magical Encounters - Chapter 1 - isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Shut up and talk to me.”

Spark laughed, and it made Derek’s muscles relax even more. God, even just his voice was enough to calm him down. Derek wished their relationship wasn’t what it was. He knew it could never be anything more, but he wished they’d met under different circumstances.

“Well, which is it? Shut up, or talk to you? Or did you need a little bit of relief?” Spark’s voice lowered and it shot straight to Derek’s groin. “Are you in need of some other services, Derek?”

“Don’t do that,” Derek snapped. 
fic  teenwolf  au  derekhale  stilesstilinski  ericareyes  sheriffstilinski  derek/stiles  rating:nc-17 
april 2019 by starwire
Radio Silence - mardia - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
It should have felt more awkward, maybe, standing this close to Nightingale in public, the two of us staring into each other’s eyes--but all I could feel was that same bone-deep relief I had when I’d heard the Jag approaching--I was still alive, somehow, and Nightingale was here. (Future-fic.)
fic  futurefic  riversoflondon  petergrant  thomasnightingale  petergrant/thomasnightingale  rating:nc-17 
march 2019 by starwire
Longevity - lightgetsin - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
I glanced in the mirror on my way out, and blanched a little. That guy looked like he'd gotten less than three hours of shitty sleep on his dad's shitty sofa, and then had only the latest in a long, shitty line of long, shitty days.

"Yeah," I said to my reflection, "I'd hit that."
fic  riversoflondon  futurefic  petergrant  thomasnightingale  petergrant/thomasnightingale  rating:nc-17 
march 2019 by starwire
Isolated Elements - elementalv - Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Archive of Our Own]
Buffy is dead, and Giles is grieving. The last thing he wants is to be ordered to Las Vegas to authenticate a stolen sword.
fic  crossover  csi  btvs  rupertgiles  rating:nc-17 
march 2019 by starwire
Honey, Can't you See (The Bloodstains on my Teeth) - Chapter 1 - Loup_Aigre, TroubleIWant - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Mr Stilinski.” Deaton’s usually impassive face betrays a hint of surprise today, maybe even disappointment. “You haven’t changed your mind.”

Stiles tips his chin up, smiling against his irritation. “Nope,” he confirms, so cheerily it bites. They had arranged this weeks ago, yet Deaton was apparently betting Stiles wouldn’t go through with it in the end. Fuck that. He doesn’t know what it’s like out there, not really. He can afford to hold himself aloof and uninvolved, knowing his druid power is enough to keep him safe in this little office. Stiles can’t. Scott’s pack has got to protect this whole town, and Stiles’ spark isn’t enough to protect all of them while they do it.

The thing is, magic isn’t like the fairy tales. It’s blood and risk and sacrifice. Nothing comes without a price, and anyone who tries to say different is baiting a hook to gut you on. Stiles knows that, has known it since he was a kid and his mother started training him for the inevitable day when he’d need to fight for his life.

That day had come four years ago when she died, and it hasn’t stopped yet.
fic  teenwolf  au  apocafic  soulmates  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  rating:nc-17 
march 2019 by starwire
Every stumble and each misfire - everchanginginks - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles taps on the icon to open up the chat. He needs to write something. Anything. But what?
What are you wearing? Eh, no.
So, when the fuck were you going to tell me you’re back in BH? A bit too aggressive.
Stiles hasn't seen or heard from Derek in ten years. It's a bit of a surprise to find out about Derek's return to Beacon Hills through Tinder.
fic  teenwolf  futurefic  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  rating:nc-17 
march 2019 by starwire
Courage Through Fear - Pookaseraph - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
With the Alpha Pack closing in, Stiles is thrust into the center of an unusual three-way alliance between Hunters, werewolves, and little old him. Injecting himself between all sides in a war far beyond his skill has far reaching consequences for Stiles, but it might be just what he needs to gain the courage to get what he wants.
fic  teenwolf  canondivergence!au  magic  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  rating:nc-17 
march 2019 by starwire
Independent Love Song - Writcraft - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Millicent Bulstrode is a tailor and Ginny is losing her mind over a woman in a tweed blazer and burgundy brogues.
fic  hp  femslash  hp:ewe  canondivergence!au  ginnyweasley  rating:nc-17 
february 2019 by starwire
take my heart from me - Chapter 1 - Areiton - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He didn't really mean to adopt Derek's pack of puppies. He didn't mean to make himself important to them. 
To Derek. 
He just wanted to keep them all safe. 
That's all Stiles ever wanted.
fic  teenwolf  au  canondivergence!au  futurefic  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  peterhale  rating:nc-17 
february 2019 by starwire
Where You Still Remember Dreaming - Chapter 1 - yodasyoyo - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“What’s your name? I can’t keep calling you Balto.”

“What’s yours?”


Derek raises an eyebrow. That isn’t his real name. There’s no way. But now he thinks about it, he has a vague memory of someone, probably Uncle Peter, telling him that with the fae, names have power. “I’m Miguel,” he says.


“Are you trying to tell me your real name is Stiles?”

Stiles runs his tongue across his teeth and considers Derek carefully. “Fair enough,” he says, “Miguel it is.”

Grabbing his groceries and pocketing the change, Derek turns to leave; he’s nearly at the door when Stiles calls out, “By the way, Miguel, if you’re interested, it’s two for one on bags of kibble at the pet store down the street.”

Derek doesn’t look back, doesn’t hesitate, just raises a hand and flips him off on the way out.
fic  teenwolf  au  magic  derekhale  stilesstilinski  sheriffstilinski  derek/stiles  ericareyes  vernonboyd  isaaclahey  rating:nc-17 
january 2019 by starwire
Figure It Out - lightgetsin - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
"You, upstairs," El said to Neal. He beamed, twirled on one foot, and trotted out. "And you need to stop making it so fun to mess with you," she added to Peter.

She surprised a look of such melting fondness on his face as he looked after Neal that her breath caught. "No," he said quietly. "I really don't."
fic  whitecollar  ot3  peterburke  nealcaffrey  elizabethburke  neal/peter/elizabeth  rating:nc-17 
january 2019 by starwire
Sigh No More - Chapter 1 - edenwolfie - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Anakin makes slightly better choices, Obi-Wan is a Mess™ and Padmé deserves none of this. AU from Mustafar onward with liberal manipulation of canon to culminate in some angsty, fluffy, domestic fix-it because we all deserve better.

I'm going to fix everything Lucas broke if it kills me.
fic  starwars  canondivergence!au  au  padmeamidala  anakinskywalker  obiwankenobi  ot3  kidfic  fix-it  rating:nc-17 
january 2019 by starwire
Be Simple Again - Chapter 1 - prettylittlementirosa - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek’s not sure if there’s a way to explain that he left because Beacon Hills didn’t need him, not when it had Scott and his pack; and that they were better off without him- an omega whose anchor was slipping.

Mostly he wonders if any of them really even noticed he was gone.
fic  teenwolf  futurefic  derekhale  stilesstilinski  kidfic  derek/stiles  rating:nc-17  hurt-comfort 
january 2019 by starwire
Maelstrom - Chapter 1 - feelslikefire - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport--right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes.

(Or, the time loop au. Loosely based on Groundhog Day.)
fic  yurionice  timetravel  katsukiyuuri  victornikiforlov  victor/yuuri  rating:nc-17 
january 2019 by starwire
the things you said - Chapter 1 - westernredcedar - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes, when things get really hard and it's late at night and he can't sleep, Jack thinks his life might be better without hockey, that maybe if he gave it all up and became a firefighter or a gardener or a chef, if he left the ice forever, maybe then he wouldn’t need to have that bottle of pills in his bag anymore.

But every time he’s back on the ice, he remembers. This is the only place where his life actually makes any sense.

Or, the story of three times Jack Zimmermann meets Eric Bittle.
fic  checkplease!  jackzimmerman  ericbittle  au  rating:nc-17 
january 2019 by starwire
Under the Bridges of Fame - Chapter 1 - alby_mangroves, notlucy - Captain America - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
For better or for worse (usually worse), Steve Rogers has been the most famous guy in the room for a while. And though newsreels have given way to YouTube, people's reactions haven't changed much in seventy-some years. Steve's become an expert at keeping his head down and getting on with his life.

A head-on collision on a busy street sends books flying and sweeps Steve off his feet. The point of impact has a name: James. A charming mess of long hair, thick glasses, and a crooked, not-quite-smile. If he recognizes Steve, he chooses not to comment, placing him firmly in Steve's good graces.

As far as Steve can tell, they might be Bogie and Bacall all over again, save for the group of idiots with selfie sticks who surround them. But for once, the request isn't for Steve.

Which begs the question: if James is James, then who the hell is Bucky?
fic  marvel  captainamerica  au  modern!bucky  steverogers  buckybarnes  bucky/steverogers  rating:nc-17  bigbang 
january 2019 by starwire
The Twilight Bark (And Other Things Bucky Has To Deal With On A Daily Basis) - spacebuck - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Rogers: I couldn’t say no to this little guy, so I guess he’s coming home with me!
The picture below it is an overexcited looking dog, barely older than six months, shoving its nose through the bars of a shelter gate. The tweet already has twenty thousand retweets, a few thousand more likes, and nearly three thousand comments. Bucky can’t help himself, leads in hand, and he leans a shoulder against the doorjamb and taps the comment field.
bbarnes: if you’re ever in need of a walker I’d be happy to take the lil guy on, nyc based and rescues are my thing!
Steve Rogers is a bonafide superhero, followed by nearly a million people on Twitter, not that he’s all too active considering saving the world usually comes first. When he takes on a rescue dog, dog walker Bucky can’t help but leave a message in Steve’s twitter thread, never expecting the DM that comes his way.
With that one tweet, Steve and his new fuzzball Duke tip Bucky’s life upside down, but Bucky’s not sure he’d have it any other way - especially if he can do something about the shadows lurking behind Steve’s smile.
fic  au  captainamerica  steverogers  modern!bucky  buckybarnes  bucky/steverogers  natasharomanov  rating:nc-17  bigbang 
january 2019 by starwire
Follow the Heartlines - Chapter 1 - fakexpearls - Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat [Archive of Our Own]
”Apologies, Exalted. What I meant – ”
“What you meant is that you don’t know why I can’t remember anything since His Majesty flayed my back and had me dressed in gold paint and slave’s garb to serve him. But he was a prince then. And a king now.”
Laurent tried to hide his flinch at the words, at his own memories. He looked away to the marble floor.
Damianos continued: “You say that was four years ago. In that time, I seem to have aligned myself with him in country and in marriage. And no one tried to stop me.”
An Amnesia AU
fic  futurefic  amnesia  captiveprince  Damianos/Laurent  rating:nc-17 
december 2018 by starwire
Duplicity - Chapter 1 - caravanslost, carpemermaid - Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat [Archive of Our Own]
Laurent DeVere is a journalist with ambitions that reach higher than the work he’s given. Then, Senator Damianos Akielos walks into his office with the scoop of a lifetime about his brother, Kastor. But the story needs delicate, dangerous work.

Under the guise of a relationship, the two begin to work together closely, and find themselves grappling with the fact of both Kastor on their heels, and their emerging - and entirely unprofessional - feelings for each other.
fic  captiveprince  au  Damianos/Laurent  modern  rating:nc-17 
december 2018 by starwire
Eric Bittle, NBC 10 - Chapter 1 - foryouandbits - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
In 2009, Jack Zimmermann was drafted 2nd overall to the Providence Falconers. After a tumultuous first season in the minors, Jack returns to the NHL and is named captain within a year. Known to the media as the "hockey robot," no one seems to be able to break through the polite barrier that Jack has built — no one until Eric Bittle, newest intern at NBC 10. Bitty, interning as a requirement for his journalism degree at nearby Samwell University, forms an instant connection with Jack. Throughout the rest of the season, and the rest of Bitty's junior year at Samwell, the two grow closer while learning how to both trust each other and succeed in their respective careers.
fic  au  checkplease!  ericbittle  jackzimmerman  bitty/jack  rating:nc-17 
november 2018 by starwire
Papers in the Roadside - kianspo - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Non-Starfleet AU. Jim owns a small bar in Chicago, keeps on picking up strays and taking care of everyone no matter how hard it makes his own life. Spock is a journalist writing feature articles for the Chicago Tribune; he depicts the world with uncanny skill, but hides more than one personal drama and is possibly under surveillance from the Vulcan royal family. They meet by accident just before their lives start to spin out of control.
fic  startrek  au  jamestkirk  spock  gaila  nyotauhura  kirk/spock  rating:nc-17 
november 2018 by starwire
Don't Stop Believing - Chapter 1 - kianspo - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
The story follows Spock from his own days as a cadet at Starfleet Academy to the ‘present day’ when he’s Kirk’s first officer and the Enterprise is on its five-year mission. Essentially, the story of Spock’s first real love followed by the story of him finding the love of his life. Ad astra per aspera.
fic  startrek  spock  christopherpike  number1  nyotauhura  jamestkirk  leonardmckoy  kirk/spock  rating:nc-17 
november 2018 by starwire
Lessons in Normality - Chapter 1 - relenafanel - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Things Steve know about his boyfriend Bucky: How he looks with his face relaxed in sleep. That he can perfectly flip pancakes. The way he’s open about things Steve is still adapting to, like therapy and depression and sex toys and being a millennial. The way he laughs with his mouth wide open and his eyes squinted, and the cheerful way he cheats at cards and loses at laser tag.
The way he seduces Steve with a knowing glint in his eye. The way Steve responds to it, stronger each time, taken by his beauty and competence and snark and compassion (or the compassionate way he boots Steve in the ass when he needs a push).
Things Steve doesn’t know about his boyfriend Bucky: That he’s an undercover operative gathering intel on Hydra, SHIELD, and which Steve is affiliated with.
Otherwise known as The Honey Pot AU
fic  captainamerica  steverogers  buckybarnes  modern!bucky  au  bucky/steverogers  rating:nc-17 
october 2018 by starwire
Tell Me a Story - Chapter 1 - anthfan - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
When Felicity needs a date to her cousin's wedding, Oliver comes to her
rescue. As the weekend progresses changes in their relationship develop. Began
as another trope and turned into a beast of it's own.
fic  arrow  felicitysmoak  oliverqueen/felicitysmoak  rating:nc-17 
october 2018 by starwire
Times Like These - Chapter 1 - anthfan - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
A man from Felicity's past she never thought she'd see again suddenly appears in Starling City, bringing with him memories she'd rather keep forgotten, and a new threat.
fic  arrow  felicitysmoak  oliverqueen/felicitysmoak  hurt-comfort  rating:nc-17 
october 2018 by starwire
Into You Like a Train - Chapter 1 - hannasus - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
A Movie Star AU written for the 2016 Olicity Fic Bang

Felicity Smoak’s only reservation about taking a job as script supervisor on John Diggle’s latest film is the lead actor: Oliver Queen. He’s a former teen heartthrob with a reputation for bad behavior and a messy drug habit that tanked his once-promising career. Now, five years after he disappeared off the Hollywood radar, Queen’s looking to make a comeback. But has he really cleaned up his act, or will his attitude problem make Felicity’s life a living hell for the nine-week shoot in New Orleans?
fic  au  actor!au  arrow  DC  oliverqueen/felicitysmoak  rating:nc-17 
september 2018 by starwire
My Name Was Safest in Your Mouth - alpha_exodus - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry didn’t ask for Malfoy to walk into his shop after so many years. But one event leads to another, and soon they’re scrambling to help Hermione find the solution to one of the most insidious viruses the wizarding world has ever seen. To make matters worse, Malfoy’s hiding something, and Harry really wants to kiss him—except Malfoy doesn’t date. Ever.
fic  hp  bond  hp:ewe  futurefic  harrypotter  dracomalfoy  ronweasley  hermionegranger  harry/draco  rating:nc-17 
september 2018 by starwire
Survival of the Species - Lissadiane - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I think I’m dying.” Nothing makes sense – and now Derek has left him.

“No, Mr. Stilinski,” Deaton says grimly, rooting around in his special cupboard of herbs and remedies. “I’m afraid not. You’re merely suffering from a biological imperative to bear your alpha’s children and strengthen the pack.”

Stiles considers that for a moment, as best he can with his mind a hazy mess, and then he says quietly, “I think that might be worse.”

“So, so much worse,” Scott agrees.
In which Derek's pack is apparently stable enough to begin planning for the future, and somehow, the universe has decided Stiles is the perfect candidate to bear his alpha's children.
fic  teenwolf  alphaomegabeta  stilesstilinski  derekhale  scottmcall  derek/stiles  rating:nc-17 
september 2018 by starwire
The Sins of My Caretaker - weathervaanes - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It smells like smoke, that's what wakes him up. It doesn't smell like burning wood, which would really freak him out, it just smells disgusting like—
In which Stiles is the oldest sibling to a fucked up family and it's his job to make sure they don't end up dead, meth addicts, or in juvie. And then Derek crashes into his world and makes everything a little bit more interesting.
fic  teenwolf  au  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  rating:nc-17 
august 2018 by starwire
In Sanguinem Scriptum Est - Chapter 1 - secondstar - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In order to stop a new onslaught of nightmares from plaguing him, Stiles decides to become an emissary. No longer defenseless, he begins to realize that not everything is as it seems.
fic  teenwolf  au  stilesstilinski  magic  derekhale  derek/stiles  rating:nc-17 
august 2018 by starwire
Hale’s Modern Encyclopedia of Playing Cards (and Dating Humans) - thepsychicclam - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Wolves don't date humans. And Derek's okay with that. He's got his Pack, his friends in the Pack network, and lacrosse. Plus, he plays cards with his grandma all the time. Stiles Stilinski definitely doesn't factor into his life - no matter how much of a crush Derek has on him.

But when bird creatures attack Derek, Stiles, and their friends in the Preserve, Stiles finds out about werewolves and things get pretty complicated. For Derek at least. And he thought school was his only problem, but now he's grounded and Stiles is hanging around way too much for Derek to ignore him any longer.
fic  teenwolf  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  au  highschool  rating:nc-17 
july 2018 by starwire
I Don't Think Louis Lane Will Stay - Chapter 1 - ea-stofnar (SinsofYouth) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
FBI agent Stiles Stilinski pulls a hot and nerdy guy at a bar for what turns into a wild weekend of debauchery. Except the hot nerd turns out to be a reporter...who may or may not actually be a superhero? Meanwhile there are busy-body best friends, horrible bosses, dates, stake outs, gun battles, and a fantastic pair of biceps...
When did white collar crime get so complicated?
fic  au  teenwolf  fusion  superman  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  lydiamartin  rating:nc-17 
july 2018 by starwire
The Sleeping Beauty Curse - Chapter 1 - who_la_hoop - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
When Draco Malfoy falls into a cursed sleep and can only be woken – at least, according to the Daily Prophet, that impeccable source of truth – by ‘true love’s kiss’, Harry Potter knows there’s no way on earth he’s the answer to this particular riddle. Is he . . .?
fic  hp  harrypotter  futurefic  hp:ewe  dracomalfoy  harry/draco  hermionegranger  rating:nc-17 
july 2018 by starwire
Coming To Your Senses - Chapter 1 - Skara_Brae - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Mike is a Sentinel who just wants to finish school and get a job. Harvey is a Guide who just wants to close his newest client. But soon after they meet and are drawn together, they are swept up into new case involving blackmail, sex, and the intricacies of Sentinel-Guide bonding, and are forced to challenge their long held assumptions about themselves.
fic  suits  au  fusion  thesentinel  mikeross  harveyspecter  mikeross/harveyspecter  rating:nc-17 
july 2018 by starwire
Lines on Palms - Fahye - Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat [Archive of Our Own]
Because it was impossible, he allowed himself to imagine, just once, what it would be like to face Laurent as a man...if there had been no animosity between their countries, Laurent journeying to Akielos as part of an embassy, Damen's attention superficially caught by the blond hair. They'd attend banquets and sports together, and Laurent...he had seen Laurent with those he cultivated, charming and edged without being lethal; and he was honest enough with himself to admit that if he had encountered Laurent in that mode, all golden lashes and needling remarks, he might well have found himself in some danger.
fic  captiveprince  au  Damianos/Laurent  rating:nc-17  author:fahye 
june 2018 by starwire
The Worst Thing I Ever Did - Chapter 1 - RemainNameless - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles would say his relationship with Derek is about fifteen percent empty threats, thirty percent sass, ten percent avoiding violence together, and five percent eyebrows.
If anyone asked, he would say the remaining forty percent is mutual orgasms.

It’s a good thing no one ever asks.
fic  teenwolf  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  rating:nc-17 
june 2018 by starwire
where thou art, that is home - ShanaStoryteller - Merlin (TV), Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is ten when he saves the Hales from their burning home and Derek from a wolfsbane bullet, and this establishes a pattern that seem to continue indefinitely.
fic  teenwolf  au  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  scottmcall  lydiamartin  rating:nc-17 
june 2018 by starwire
Rivers and Roads - Chapter 1 - AustinB - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve is working undercover for Hydra when he gets an unexpected promotion.

To the Winter Soldier Project.
fic  avengers  marvel  steverogers  buckybarnes  modern!steve  bucky/steverogers  rating:nc-17 
may 2018 by starwire
Life of the Party - Chapter 1 - AggressiveWhenStartled - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
“You know, kids,” Steve heard from the backyard, “one of the most common threats a superhero has to face is inside an active volcano! We’re going to have to work on your evasion skills, so for the next five minutes, the floor is lava!” This was met by a sudden spike in both volume and pitch from the small children as they scrambled onto every raised surface they could find and immediately launched themselves right back off.

“I’ve never seen actual lava in my entire life,” Steve said, vaguely offended.

“You got a superhero impersonatorfor The Falcon’s niece’s birthday party,” Sam said, incredulous. “The Falcon, who is an actual superhero.”
fic  marvel  captainamerica  au  modern!bucky  steverogers  natasharomanov  bucky/steverogers  rating:nc-17 
may 2018 by starwire
Wild Ambition Fortune's Ice Prefers - Chapter 1 - amberfox17 - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When Thor went storming into Jotunheim he was looking to start a fight, but accidently winds up a pawn in Odin and Laufey's plans for a permanent peace between the realms; namely, in exchange for the return of the Casket of Ancient Winters, Laufey is offering his firstborn child Loki, the Aesir-sized sorcerer, in marriage to Thor. Such a momentous decision is not to be taken lightly, so Odin sends Thor to live on Jotunheim - without Mjolnir - for a season with Loki, to get to know his prospective consort and to teach the wilful prince some diplomatic sense. Thor is horrified, his parents are insistent and no-one really knows what Loki is thinking, but he hasn't stopped smiling...
Or, a jotun AU arranged marriage worldbuilding fic, featuring a confused Thor, a manipulative bastard Loki, Jotunheim politics, a slow burn developing relationship and a motley arrangement of characters from Marvel and myth.
fic  au  thor.2011  thor  loki  loki/thor  arrangedmarriage  rating:nc-17 
april 2018 by starwire
Start Small, Like Oak Trees - SmallBirds - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The months following Allison's death have passed Stiles by in a haze of monotony. He sleepwalks through days that seem to lose their color, an unwilling passenger in a body he no longer trusts. Eventually, he thinks, he'll just fade away. He isn't sure anyone would notice. Then, during a spur of the moment grocery run, he stumbles upon Derek Hale attempting to console a lost child, and for the first time in recent memory the world doesn't seem so awful.
He's not sure what he'd been expecting when he eventually convinces Derek to move into the Stilinski's spare bedroom, but a newfound passion for weeding and topsoil certainly isn't it.
fic  teenwolf  stilesstilinski  derekhale  sheriffstilinski  derek/stiles  AU:Canon  rating:nc-17 
april 2018 by starwire
MVP - Speranza - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
He has a highly regressive personality and may be impulsive, engaging in acts of compulsive and pleasurable wish-fulfillment. He is secretly a moralist, though he will act to save others even as he judges them. However, his is a personality always on the verge of disintegration: he does not have a strongly drawn line between "self" and "other" and is likely to engage in acts of reckless self-disregard. Very probably homosexual
fic  sga  rodneymckay  johnsheppard  mckay/sheppard  rating:nc-17 
april 2018 by starwire
the theory of narrative causality – master post : falling_voices
 This story posits that Sherlock and John are both BNFs in various Holmes-related LJ comms, and the story itself is presented as a series of posts, comments, g-chats, emails, what-have-you as you see their relationship develop from sort of rivals to something more.
fic  meta  sherlock  sherlockholmes  johnwatson  john/sherlock  rating:nc-17 
april 2018 by starwire
Search and Rescue - Chapter 1 - rotrude - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Prince Arthur Pendragon's secondment with the RAF has come to an end. While he wishes to sign up for a second term, his father is against it. With few other viable options aside from taking up ceremonial duties, he enlists to become a civilian air ambulance pilot. On the team is Dr Merlin Emrys. From then on Arthur's life changes in more ways than one.
fic  merlin  modern  au  arthurpendragon  merlinemrys  arthur/merlin  rating:nc-17 
march 2018 by starwire
Ink Your Name Across My Heart - Chapter 1 - prettyvk - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The metaphor is imperfect but still workable. If my long term memory is a hard drive, then my short term memory is RAM. The hard drive became read-only following the illness. New data is stored in RAM and can be used while I remain awake. Going to sleep – ‘turning off’ – wipes the RAM, returning the system to what it was prior to the illness.
fic  sherlock  johnwatson  sherlockholmes  john/sherlock  rating:nc-17  amnesia 
january 2018 by starwire
A Guy Like You Should Wear A Warning - Chapter 1 - Laura Kaye (laurakaye) - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
The words on his arm were crisp and clear, written in a rushed-looking scrawl like someone had taken a purple marker to Phil’s skin.

So I take it that second honeymoon isn’t working out the way you’d hoped?

Phil’s legs went out from under him and he sat down with a painful thud, all brain processes diverted to the task of staring at his arm and wondering—and wondering—
fic  marvel  philcoulson  au  soulmates  clintbarton  melindamay  clintbarton/philcoulson  rating:nc-17 
january 2018 by starwire
Broken Chemistry - Chapter 1 - SCD07 - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Merlin is a transfer student in his new university, and so far, he is making great friends with a circle of people; the only one who seems to have any issue with him is a young man named Arthur. Forced to be chemistry partners by Arthur's sister and fellow classmate, Morgana, Arthur and Merlin find themselves constantly brought together by their mutual friends. The result of such bonding, remains to be seen.

Arthur comes from a broken and emotionally abusive home, but he ultimately finds solace in the annoyingly optimistic and artistic Merlin, whose reasons for transferring schools are shrouded in mystery.
fic  merlin  au  arthur/merlin  modern  rating:nc-17 
november 2017 by starwire
A Desperate Arrangement - Chapter 1 - mikkimouse - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"I'm sorry, I believe there's something wrong with my hearing," Stiles said. "Because I could have sworn you just told me you set up a betrothal agreement with the Hales. A betrothal agreement involving me. Me."

Scott smiled his easygoing smile and nodded, which told Stiles no, he hadn't misheard a damn thing.

After seven years of lengthy negotiations, the treaty between the Hales and the Argents has fallen apart and the two countries fell into war.
fic  teenwolf  stilesstilinski  derekhale  royalty!au  derek/stiles  rating:nc-17 
october 2017 by starwire
cascades. - Chapter 1 - orange_crushed - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Holy shit,” Howard says, crackling through the speakers. “You alive in there?” Lying is a sin, of course, but Steve’s not sure what else he can do. He’s already lied to the government and Bucky and God Almighty; and himself, himself most of all. He ought to tell the truth. That he’s not quite what they hoped for. That perhaps they should put him back into the ocean.

“Probably,” he says, instead, listening to Howard’s tinny laughter; and waits for the blast doors to unlock.
fic  captainamerica  marvel  steverogers  buckybarnes  howardstark  peggycarter  bucky/steverogers  rating:nc-17  au 
october 2017 by starwire
Boom Clap (The Sound of My Heart) - Femme (femmequixotic), noeon (noe) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Post-war Hogwarts has been energized by its new teaching fellows program. Where once bitter enmity divided the wizarding community, Malfoy and Potter chummily patrol hallways together whilst Granger and Zabini seek lost parts of the castle at McGonagall’s behest and Chang supervises Quidditch when not lecturing in Charms. It’s a veritable wizarding utopia and life is predictable for the first time in years. Which is, of course, when everything blows apart as the result of a drunken dare and Malfoy’s life is ruined beyond his capacity to repair it. Ever. In a million years.
fic  hp  dracomalfoy  harrypotter  harry/draco  hermionegranger  blaisezabini  rating:nc-17  futurefic  au 
september 2017 by starwire
Deep Cover - Chapter 1 - SoftObsidian74 - Captain America - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
If you wanna feel like a rockstar, you call Bucky Barnes, owner of Shining Star Karaoke and DJ Services. Bucky has gained faithful followers for making people feel like the main event. When different men with the same Dorito physique pop up at his gigs all over NYC, he isn't sure if he’s just a magnet for gym bros or being pranked. Spoiler: The man in the uncanny disguises is on his own mission to sing any time, any way, and any song he wants without being judged as Steve Rogers or Captain America.
fic  captainamerica  steverogers  buckybarnes  modern!bucky  bucky/steverogers  au  rating:nc-17  bigbang 
september 2017 by starwire
Kiss Me on This Cold December Night - Leslie_Knope - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The hairs on the back of Stiles’ neck tingle, and he swallows hard against the unmistakable sensation of someone staring at him. He’s tempted to just ignore it, but after a few seconds, his curiosity wins out and he looks up from his phone instead. He doesn’t notice anything right away, flicking his gaze along the people on the other side of the intersection until he suddenly stops and backtracks. It’s a little hard to see, what with the thick drizzle and the cars whizzing between them, but he would recognize that glorious bearded face anywhere, even after six years. Holy shit.
fic  teenwolf  stilesstilinski  derekhale  futurefic  derek/stiles  au  domestic  rating:nc-17 
march 2017 by starwire
These Woods Sigh - blacktofade - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek and Stiles never plan to start a family together, it just happens. Or, the one where Derek accidentally wishes for a baby.
fic  derek/stiles  teenwolf  mpreg  stilesstilinski  derekhale  rating:nc-17 
january 2017 by starwire
Leave No Soul Behind - Chapter 1 - whochick - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
If you're Starfleet, you spend your whole life wishing you never see an EPAS uniform right up until the moment they become your only hope. Whether you're dying a slow, cold death in space, or a long painful one on some godforsaken planet, they're going to come for you. So count your last breaths, son, and hold on tight. They leave no soul behind.
fic  au  startrek  st:aos  jamestkirk  spock  spockprime  leonardmckoy  nyotauhura  pavelchekov  kirk/spock  rating:nc-17 
august 2016 by starwire
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