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Firefox 55: first desktop browser to support WebVR – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Firefox on Windows is the first desktop browser to support the new WebVR standard (and macOS support is ready now in Nightly!) You'll find many new features for developers, as ...
firefox  vr  webvr  jordan  graffiti  hacks  blog  iota  scrawl  gif 
november 2017 by starpause
Pano2VR - Create Virtual Tours | Garden Gnome Software
Create virtual tours for desktop and mobile devices by using a single responsive design. Convert your panoramic images into interactive 360º panoramas in HTML5, Flash or QuickTimeVR.
panorama  software  patching  editing  vr  360 
september 2016 by starpause
InstaVR - Build your VR app instantly -
InstaVR is a web service that allows you to create your VR app with a few clicks. You can create your own VR movie player, VR tourism guide, VR education app, and more!
vr  builder  360  creation  creator  use  case 
august 2016 by starpause
Hieronymus Bosch's 'Garden of Earthly Delights' Is Now a VR Universe | The Creators Project
Bosch VR is a divine Google Cardboard experience that will leave you knee-deep in sin.
bosch  classical  art  vr  amazing  painting 
february 2016 by starpause
History of Women in VR - VRScout
While many ask why there aren't more women working in virtual reality, VR scientist Jacki Morie reminds us of the profound impact they've had.
women  vr  scout 
february 2016 by starpause
360 Cameras | PC Development | Oculus VR Forums
A forum to discuss development for the Oculus Rift.
vr  360  camera  thread  shootout  list 
january 2016 by starpause
Got stage-fright? Try confronting that fear using virtual reality - San Francisco Chronicle
Thanks to advances in virtual reality technology, those who fear public speaking — an anxiety shared by a quarter of Americans surveyed in a Chapman University poll — can now confront their fears in a simulated world. For years, virtual reality has been considered a potential treatment for mental health disorders due to its ability to immerse patients in realistic situations, helping to treat conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, alcohol dependence and pain. “...
vr  virtual  reality  therapy  fear 
september 2015 by starpause
Freefly VR - Mobile Virtual Reality headsetFreefly VR
Mobile virtual reality headset for iPhone and Android, the Freefly VR headset uses your phone's display to create a fully interactive 3D virtual world.
cardboard  vr  headset 
september 2015 by starpause
Oculus Player - Total Cinema 360
360 Degree Production Company New York, New York
total  cinema  oculus  rift  vr  virtual  reality  content  headset 
april 2014 by starpause

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