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Music Visualisation Video Creator | Renderforest
Upload your music tracks and create professional audio visualiser videos which you can use on youtube and other video sites.
automatic  music  video  creator 
january 2018 by starpause
Imposium | Features
Leverage our many cinema-quality dynamic video production techniques and put industry-leading, cutting-edge features at your fingertips.
dynamic  video  generation  creation  ad  advertisement 
february 2017 by starpause
8i | Create
8i - Making Virtual Reality Human. Our technology brings virtual experiences to life with the highest fidelity, most realistic volumetric video recordings of real people.
3d  scan  realtime  video  capture 
november 2016 by starpause
Loading Videos in Oculus Cinema and MilkVR | Virtual Workshop
    A question that I see appearing a lot on Reddit and other forums is how to get your own media installed on the Gear. Some call this process
milkvr  video  samsung  gear  howto  specification  filetype  rendering 
april 2016 by starpause
Getting Started with Redux - Course by @dan_abramov @eggheadio
> I had no idea why I'd want to use Redux when I started this course. This course really made it easy to understand the how & why of redux. Thanks Dan!

Managing state in an application is critical, and is often done haphazardly. Redux provides a state container for JavaScript applications that will help your applications behave consistently.

Redux is an evolution of the ideas presented by Facebook's [Flux](
redux  video  series  learning 
april 2016 by starpause
WebVTT - Web APIs | MDN
WebVTT is a format for displaying timed text tracks (e.g. subtitles) with the track element. The primary purpose of WebVTT files is to add subtitles to a video.
webvtt  standard  mozilla  subtitle  caption  sub  video 
december 2015 by starpause
javascript library for playing video on canvas elements
canvid  canvas  video  html  javascript  mobile  background  player 
october 2015 by starpause
StreamPack for GoPro4/3,3+,2 Real Time Image Transmission
<p><strong><br>StreamPack for GoPro4/3,2 in Real Image Transmission</strong></p>
<p>StreamPack is a plug and play wireless video transmitter device broadcasting in real time.Paired with a monitor with 5.8Ghz rec
realtime  video  transmission  fpv 
july 2015 by starpause
Solo Smart Drone | 3DR | Drone & UAV Technology
Solo, the world's first Smart Drone, is the ultimate tool for aerial video and photo whether you're a seasoned drone pilot or a beginner. Get the shot.
3dr  drone  video 
july 2015 by starpause
fanservice - Yahoo Video Search Results
The search engine that helps you find exactly what you're looking for. Find the most relevant information, video, images, and answers from all across the Web.
yahoo  fanservice  video  preview  grid 
october 2014 by starpause
Sightings: Sabrina Ratté - Undervolt & Co
Undervolt & Co. is a label for experimental video artists.
visual  label  video  artist  analog  art  discovery 
october 2014 by starpause
Watch Movies and Other Transferred Videos on Google Glass | Google Glass How To |
Watch Movies and Other Transferred Videos on Google Glass - Google Glass lets Explorers watch the videos that they've recorded on the device, but it doesn't allow them to watch video files that were transferred onto
glass  video  viewer 
august 2014 by starpause
Original China factory for USB EasyCap,USB DVR, Ezcap, DVR Card, Software Drivers of Easycap Win7, Video Capture Card, USB DVR, USB Video Grabber, DC60+, Mac EzCap, Vista Easycap, Linux Easycap, USB Video Capture Box, USB Ezcap DC60++, Easycap Empia 2861,
Original China factory for USB EasyCap,USB DVR, Ezcap, DVR Card, Software Drivers of Easycap Win7, Video Capture Card, USB DVR, USB Video Grabber, DC60+, Mac EzCap, Vista Easycap, Linux Easycap, USB Video Capture Box, USB Ezcap DC60++, Easycap Empia 2861, Easycap Win7 64bit, USB Video Capture Dongle, usb2.0 capture Adapter,usb video capture Adapter, Easycap DC60, 4 Channel Easycap, 4ch Easycap, Surveillance Dongle with Mac OS Support, Easycap USB2.0 Audio Video Capture, USB Video Aud...
video  capture  device  shopping  usb 
june 2014 by starpause
Gfycat - jiffier gifs through HTML5 Video Conversion. Fast, simple gif hosting without size limits.
Jiffier gifs. share your gifs with the world on the fastest gif hosting platform. Yes to playback controls, No to size limits!
gif  alternative  html5  video  embedable  motion  embed 
june 2014 by starpause
Group video chat and screen sharing. From &yet
group  video  chat  screen  sharing  webrtc  p2p  collaboration 
may 2014 by starpause
Shapeshifters Cinema
Shapeshifters Cinema is a live cinema series featuring experimental filmmakers and video artists presenting moving image work live with accompaniment from musicians and sound artists. Shapeshifters happens the second Sunday of every month at Temescal Art Center in North Oakland.
oakland  art  event  bay  area  video  performance  experimental 
march 2014 by starpause
SDK Boy » Transparent Video On The iPhone, It Can Be Done… With Flash!
hnical functionality that can’t be replicated on the native iOS SDK can work through a third party’s system. So just to share with you some of the results, I was attempting to play four transparent videos, all slightly overlapping with a png image in the background. The playback was unacceptably slow with this many streams. I then tried, two transparent videos with a PNG background and the playback was fine, I didn’t notice any frame grabbing or glitches, and one full screen iPhone video with transparency and a PNG image in the back ground ran fine!

Again, I’d like to express my amazement at being able to play an .flv with transparency on the iPhone. I have no idea how Adobe are able to do it, but I really hope Apple step up their game and include a video codec with alpha channel sometime soon. The only down side to using ARI 2.7 is the lack of support for native UIKit components, meaning you have to build everything in Flash/Flex.

If you want to play around with transparent video on the iPhone with Flash you’ll need to download the trial version of Flash Builder 4.5 from here, and check out this post on setting up your system to export from Flash Builder to your iPhone. You do need to be registered as an Apple dev, as to my knowledge there is no simulator in the Adobe set up, but it was all pretty straight forward (no less painful than having to do it through Apple and XCode).

Here’s the AS3 code, I just created a new Mobile ActionScript Project, as I’ve heard Flex Mobile Projects add unwanted overhead to your app (but don’t quote me on that). You’ll also need to make sure that the info in the project’s XML file (application descriptor file) matches all of your code signing identity info ie com.mycompany.myAppID
One thing to note is that I didn’t use the StageWebView object to place my video. According to Adobe’s docs StageWebView’s shouldn’t overlap with each other, so this wasn’t suitable for this project. The only piece of AIR specific code is the
ios  as3  android  air  video  flv  transparent  playback  local  file 
january 2012 by starpause
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