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Online Booking and Scheduling Software Pricing | Omnify
Omnify has everything you need to run your business online. Try our platform free for 14 days
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january 2018 by starpause
BLOCKS is a modular music studio that lets anyone shape music.
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november 2016 by starpause
Add an HTML5 Exit - DoubleClick Creative Solutions Help
A DoubleClick exit is a click-through area in an ad. With Rich Media, you can create multiple exits, so your ad can direct a user to various web pages.
Multiple exits can serve as a custom tracking e
dcs  double  click  studio  exit  howto  guide 
september 2015 by starpause
Dashboard | Splice
Collaboration, backup and project file sharing with producers around the world. Support for Ableton Live, Logic and FL Studio. Sign up now!
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september 2014 by starpause
AudibleOddities – Audio Mastering, CD Mastering, Mastering Engineer
We specialize in CD mastering, Vinyl mastering, and mastering for Digital Distribution and Netlabels.
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may 2010 by starpause
the project studio operator usually has to make do with an existing room and off-the-shelf monitors. It's not always easy to get accurate results under these circumstances, but, by applying a few basic principles, you should be able to produce good mixes
reference  monitor  studio  placement  room  design  project  diy  howto  mastering  mixing  acoustic  acoustics  loudspeaker  speaker 
september 2006 by starpause
Speaker Placement and Acoustic Environment Effects on Nearfield Monitor™ Systems
The combination of acoustic solutions combined with judicious use of a high quality minimum phase EQ can produce stellar results. So there are your two solutions, not simple but either is the problem.
reference  acoustic  monitor  monitoring  placement  speakers  room  response  studio  nearfield  project 
september 2006 by starpause

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