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Step one: How to start using VCV Rack, the free modular software - CDM Create Digital Music
So, you're ready to try a free and open platform for modular synths - even if you're new to modular. Here's how to get started.
modular  desktop  software  howto  guide 
december 2017 by starpause
ALTANE - Software introduction
A brand new, almost completely rewritten, version of the software with a lot of bug fixes will soon be released. Stay tuned!
altane  application  software 
december 2017 by starpause
Magic Lantern | Home
Magic Lantern is a free firmware addon for Canon EOS DSLR cameras that adds a host of features to assist photographers and videographers. Unlock your Canon DSLR.
magic  lantern  canon  software  dslr  hack  hacks  camera 
december 2017 by starpause
Pano2VR - Create Virtual Tours | Garden Gnome Software
Create virtual tours for desktop and mobile devices by using a single responsive design. Convert your panoramic images into interactive 360º panoramas in HTML5, Flash or QuickTimeVR.
panorama  software  patching  editing  vr  360 
september 2016 by starpause
Fusion4D – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store
Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings.
4d  volume  capture  software  kinect 
july 2016 by starpause
BVHViewer - Development in Motion
BVHViewer 1.1 is a robust visualization tool for the Biovision Hierarchy (BVH) animation format. Although there are several viewers to be found on the web, this is one of the few that supports
mocap  viewer  windows  software 
october 2015 by starpause
Support - Manuals - Ultimaker
We design 3D printers for the best user experience. Imagine it, Make it, Easy.
3d  printing  software 
september 2014 by starpause
VSXu - audio visualizer, music visualizer, visual programming language (VPL), realtime graphics design platform
VSXu - An Audio Visualizer, Music Visualization, Visual Programming Language (VPL), Realtime Graphics Design Platform
vj  software  visual  programming  effects  audio  reactive 
august 2014 by starpause
Speaking of Twinkle Star Sprites, Kioh-Gyoku is a excellent Twinkle Star Sprites clone.
japanese  shump  shooter  twinkle  star  sprites  clone  japan  windows  game  software 
august 2010 by starpause
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