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Custom Made Dakimakura Hugging Pillow Cover
<ul> <li>
<B>Color:</B> Your Provided Picture</li> <li>
<B>Packaging:</B> Individual packing with plastic bag</li> <li>
<B>Note:</B> Only Pillow Cover - Pillow body sold separately, Price include printing on both sides, pillow cover with zipper o
custom  cover  printing  dakimakura 
february 2018 by starpause
3D Printing Adds New Dimension to Marketing | News - Advertising Age
3D printing ads new shape to campaigns from Coke, Muji, VW and more.
3d  printing  marketing  advertising 
january 2015 by starpause
3D Models To Help You Build Better, Faster! | Ghost Capital's 3D Kitbash
Ghost Capital's 3D Kitbash: Professional 3D Resources, Basic Kits, Pro Kits, 3D Art, 3D Graphics, Free 3D Models
3d  printing  model  printable  giraffe  skull  launcher  horns  monster  parts  doll  toy 
january 2015 by starpause
fantasygraph - 3D Printer Shop | MakerShop
othar 3D printer designs shop. Download 3D models for your 3D printer.
fantasygraph  3d  print  printing 
november 2014 by starpause
First Selfies, Now Shapies? Scanning Booths Capture the Moment in 3-D - Bloomberg
Those bobble-heads on your desk may soon get some competition -- from you.
3d  printing  scaning  modbod3de 
september 2014 by starpause
TWINKIND | The world´s finest 3D photo figurines
TWINKIND creates custom-made life-like 3D-printed photo figurines - 3D speed scans in Hollywood quality.
3d  scaning  scanner  model  printing  modbod3d 
september 2014 by starpause
Support - Manuals - Ultimaker
We design 3D printers for the best user experience. Imagine it, Make it, Easy.
3d  printing  software 
september 2014 by starpause
ACPrintManager | AnyChart team blog
ACPrintManager is browser printing manager for flash content powered by AnyChart.Com team. It is small JavaScript and ActionScript library.
print  manager  as3  firefox  ie  printing  flash  flex 
april 2009 by starpause
How the fanzine refused to die | Music |
Although it's hard to quantify, it feels like the fanzine is making a resurgence in the face of digital culture, just like that other analogue format, vinyl.
paper  hype  zine  printing  fanzine  booklet 
february 2009 by starpause

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