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pretty print objects in real purdy colors. Allows clearer visualization of objects than you get from most pretty printers due to colors. It will also print out the complete path to an object, something that's extremly useful for debugging. Purdy will also
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october 2015 by starpause
How can I pass URIs or HTML code as a value using flashvars?
by escaping &, = characters before passing them as flashvar values. example: encodeURIComponent("&trade") will become %26trade. You can also escape these characters manually: %3D instead of = ... %26 instead of &
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february 2009 by starpause
Set sharedObject lifetime - Forums
In java it is possible to give a cookie a lifetime "-1" which means that the cookie is just temporary. This means that it is removed if the browser shuts down. Is there an option in actionscript to do this ?
session  cookie  sharedobject  shared  object  as3  flash 
february 2009 by starpause
Firefox 3 and Flash SWF outline problem using SWFObject 2.1 - Juna Software
I ran into a problem where the flash is outlined with a faint dotted border... solution: you need to set the object style outline: none.
dotted  border  flash  swf  object  swfobject 
december 2008 by starpause

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