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OneSignal - Multi-platform Push Notification Service
OneSignal provides Push Notification delivery and automation. We have SDKs for iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Unity 3D, Phonegap, Marmalade & more!
push  notifications  parse  mobile  web 
january 2017 by starpause
Framer - Design tool for creating interactive designs, interfaces and animations
Design interactive high-fidelity prototypes for iOS, Android, desktop or the web. Invent new animations and interactions. Integrates with Sketch and Photoshop.
framer  design  prototype  ux  motion  ios  mobile  animation 
april 2016 by starpause
Contentful: a developer-friendly, API-first CMS - Contentful
Bringing love back into content management: Contentful is an API-first CMS focused on the simplicity of development. Manage structured content in websites and apps.
cms  content  web  mobile  management  agency  tool  technology  tooling 
march 2016 by starpause
The (very) Best of Material Design in 2015 — Design, Code and Prototyping — Medium
To celebrate a year of awesome Material Design inspiration & resources, we collected the top 20 Material Design examples…
material  design  inspiration  android  mobile  motion  graphics 
january 2016 by starpause
javascript library for playing video on canvas elements
canvid  canvas  video  html  javascript  mobile  background  player 
october 2015 by starpause
Ionic: Advanced HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework
Ionic makes it incredibly easy to build beautiful and interactive mobile apps using HTML5 and AngularJS.
html5  framework  frontend  app  angular  angularjs  development  ios  mobile 
october 2014 by starpause
NativeScript for Cross-Platform Native App Development with JavaScript
NativeScript is an open source JavaScript based mobile app development framework that will considerably simplify cross-platform native app development.
opensource  platform  native  mobile  development 
june 2014 by starpause
Panda.js - Free HTML5 game engine
Free open source HTML5 game engine for mobile and desktop with Canvas and WebGL rendering.
html  game  engine  mobile  desktop 
may 2014 by starpause
5 Best Mobile Web App Frameworks: Sencha Touch | Modus Create
Very few technologies have made such a breakthrough to bring mutually incompatible platforms together as HTML5 has. HTML5 is the most popular choice for enterprise mobile developers (Forrsights 2013) with the capacity to grow even stronger. If you are in the market for a good mobile web UI framework, you are probably overwhelmed with the […]
sencha  touch  review  mobile  app  responsive  webapp  development  js  shootout  comparison 
march 2014 by starpause
Short course in innovation from a venture capitalist - Good Experience
Perhaps if you spend a little less time pitching and more time listening--figuring out why people use the products they do and observing how they interact with others, you'd have more users.
mobile  strategy  development  design  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurers 
july 2011 by starpause
2011 Finalist: FrontlineSMS | The Buckminster Fuller Challenge
In the late summer of 2005, armed with a laptop, programming guide and an assortment of cables, phones and GSM modems, Ken went to work on developing a prototype of what was eventually to become FrontlineSMS. In the intervening years, the software has been refined, our user base has expanded to more than 8,000, and we’re reaching millions of people in more than fifty countries around the world. FrontlineSMS software has been used as the backbone of nationwide election monitoring systems in Nigeria and elsewhere, as an agricultural market information system by the FAO and other organizations, and as a channel to inform and monitor potential targets of human trafficking networks in Southeast Asia, among many applications.

Despite our success, we believe there is much more ahead of us. Users' needs drive our work, and that means constantly improving the core software, delivering a thriving and useful community to help new users figure out how to implement successful systems, and anticipating the future needs of a sector that didn't exist a decade ago.
frontline  sms  mobile  technology  politics 
june 2011 by starpause
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