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Free Sample Packs Archives - TriSamples
Download free sample packs to use in your music productions in genres like Hip-hop, Trap, Future Bass & much more. Created especially by TriSamples
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february 2018 by starpause
Pixologic :: Download Center
Find ZBrush Retailers, and stores that offer prodcuct sales, pricing and purchase.
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december 2017 by starpause
Free SF Reader : Free Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Ratings for Free Science Fiction Online, Free Fantasy Online, Free Horror Online and Free Other Stuff Online (see tabs) with links to download.
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march 2010 by starpause
Jeroen Breebaart | Home
Homepage of Jeroen Breebaart; papers on parametric stereo, spatial audio coding, MPEG surround, binaural hearing and automatic content analysis
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september 2009 by starpause
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